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  1. KaprikaAZ

    Urban Reptiles a sham?

    i need some advice, as ive had something really awful happen to me and my gecko and i dont know what else to do. I bought a gecko from Urban reptiles a little over 4 months ago and she had a noticeable bulge on her that i presumed was nothing. a birth defect if you will, since i assumed UR to...
  2. KaprikaAZ

    FOR SALE - Albino leucistic

    i have a baby albino leucistic leo. looking to sell for $30 US only +shipping prefferably pickup. i live in California, Maryland
  3. KaprikaAZ

    FREE wildtype het tremper, albino leucistic

    im just looking for a home for the lil guy. incubation accident left it with some mishapen eyelids. otherwise tottaly healthy. pickup only is currently about 2 weeks old