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  1. GexPex

    Suggestions on logo...

    Yup, the size of it all is flexible, so I could add in more space to add the tail/legs. I was thinking of having the tail curling around underneath, allowing space for text on a card under the feet.
  2. GexPex

    Suggestions on logo...

    Designed a new logo. Kept it simple so it's easier to size to business cards, and maybe in the future...a banner. Not sure what I even think of it, though. Maybe any suggestions? Fiance thinks I should just form it into an entire gecko silhouette (feet+tail), but not sure how that would look...
  3. GexPex

    Snows for sale!

    Several mack snows for sale. Mostly TSF. One adult male. Shipping available or pick up in Los Angeles, CA area. Prices start at $50.
  4. GexPex

    Bell x Tremper...

    That's what I was thinking, too, Aliza...but in the discussion between others, they brought up the "fact" that the offspring aren't viable offspring. Found a few mentions of the offspring not being healthy on other sites, as well. But honestly, I'd think that they would be just as healthy as any...
  5. GexPex

    Bell x Tremper...

    And no worries, not upset at those who simply don't know and end up crossing them. But this guy KNEW and still went through with it and supposedly will continue to do so.
  6. GexPex

    Bell x Tremper...

    Because if you cross a Bell albino with a Tremper albino, you get normals since the strains don't mix. But the offspring will be het bell and het tremper. Long story short, it muddies the genetics. Also, supposedly it doesn't produce healthy/viable (depending on what you read) offspring. I can't...
  7. GexPex

    Bell x Tremper...

    Arg...Found someone on Facebook purposely breeding a Bell to a Tremper and has produced babies and now trying to sell the babies. Fortunately, he does list them as Bell x Tremper....But after people are trying to educate him, he ends up being a *bleep* about it. *sigh* Just one of those many...
  8. GexPex

    Gecko Time: Attending Your First Reptile Show

    Lol...I was all excited when I heard you were doing this article a few days ago. Apparently, I didn't think of it as just attending, but vending. So even though this doesn't apply to me (about 6 years ago, it would have), I have to say, great job, as always! Still read it, and thank you. :)
  9. GexPex

    Pet Only Male Leopard Gecko

  10. GexPex

    How Many Leos Do You Have

    When I first did this poll, I had a lot fewer than I do now. I currently have... 2 adult males, 4 adult females, 1 subadult female, 19 TSM babies/juvies (one older one is looking female, other older ones are looking male), and 2 more males and 5 TSF on their way. One new male is a Christmas...
  11. GexPex

    POLL - How long do they take to hatch?

    Currently incubating at 88, and all are hatching at 40-45 days.
  12. GexPex

    Pet Only Male Leopard Gecko

    My fiance, John, is looking for a good home for J.J. This male does not do well with females in the vicinity and will not eat unless he's alone, no matter what time of year it is. So he's NOT for breeding. Currently feeding on primarily dubias and now doing well. "Dog tame" as John puts it. Pick...
  13. GexPex

    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    You could tape cardboard around on the outside of them...
  14. GexPex

    Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

    I feed a combination of crickets, dubias, and mealworms. The only one I breed currently? Dubias. I will NEVER consider breeding crickets. I only feed crickets to provide variety, and to make sure that the babies that will be going to new homes will eat crickets regularly in case the new home...
  15. GexPex


    And Bonsai's clutchmate hatched this evening...found it with the tail still in the egg. Will likely name this one Bourbon. Normal x SHTCT
  16. GexPex


    Had this one hatch this morning...Welcome Bonsai! Normal x SHTCT And others that have hatched earlier this month... Super Snow x High Yellow...Boo Super Snow x High Yellow...Banshee Normal x Tremper Albino...Bobbie Normal x Tremper favorite of this season
  17. GexPex

    Sudan Plated Lizards

    So my fiance has a pair of Sudan plateds (Gerrhosaurus major major) and he found eggs!! Unfortunately, they were deflated, so now he's checking the laybox on an almost daily basis. We've already done as much research as we could as far as how to incubate (85-86F is what we read), and to make...
  18. GexPex

    Gerrhosaurus major major (Sudan Plated)

    Looking for female Sudan Plated lizard. Preferably CB (though I know those are even harder to come by), but will accept WC. Please send pictures and price.
  19. GexPex

    Why are some geckos our 'favorites'?

    I chose "personality". I have 9 leopard geckos currently, and I have to say that my favorite ones are Gibbs (a normal), Abby (super hypo), and Hank (super snow)...all three come right up to the cage door and willingly climb out onto my hand and sometimes up to my shoulder. Even though Hank is...
  20. GexPex

    Show Off Your Cages

    Just redecorated 3 cages today... The cage belonging to one of my breeding groups of leopard geckos... The cage belonging to my newest breeding group of leopard geckos... And while I'm at it, I might as well show you all the crested gecko cage that I redid today...