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  1. laurahlove

    My cham hand feeding

    I know that this is the gecko section, but I wanted to post it here to share with you guys! This is my chameleon, Earl, eating a big mealworm out of my hand.. :) Earl hand feeding - YouTube Sent from my LG-P769 using Tapatalk
  2. laurahlove

    Repashy problems?

    Okay so I'm new to repashy crested gecko food, and I'm having some trouble with it! It says on the bottle to do two parts water and one part powder, right? While mine always dries up before he gets a chance to eat it! And I've remade it like 4 times which sucks cause this junk isn't cheap. Am I...
  3. laurahlove

    Updates! :)

    Hey guys, I've been busy with my reptiles lately and I wanted to share some updates. So I got a new shelving unit, (room for more tanks! :D) and moved my chameleons cage to that one so I could put my new crested geckos tank where my chameleon was. Oh, I got a crestie! His name is Burt. He's...
  4. laurahlove

    Pepper :'(

    My first reptile, my first gecko, Pepper has died today. She starved herself to death. And I know she didn't have a parasite because she was housed with her mate before I noticed this, and he's fine. She stopped eating about 2 weeks ago, and at first I thought she was just on a hunger strike...
  5. laurahlove

    Fostering a gecko with MBD?

    So I just picked up this poor little girl at a pet shop near my house, they had said they had a gecko with a hurt foot and had been hand feeding it and as soon as I saw it I knew it was MBD. I was explaining what it was to the manager and telling her what I know about it and she didn't really...
  6. laurahlove

    More eggs (:

    Pepper just laid 2 more!! :) :)
  7. laurahlove

    Weird shedding thing?

    So just a second ago, my pictus gecko was having some trouble getting the shed off her head and mouth area, so I reached in and gently pulled it off. But something weird happened, when I pulled the shed off around her mouth, this giant white, almost egg looking thing came out of her mouth and...
  8. laurahlove

    Hatchling Rack?

    So I want to make a rack for when my pictus babies hatch because I cant afford more tanks and lights, so I was thinking about building one of those heating racks. Would this work? if I drilled holes in it for air and...
  9. laurahlove

    My little (growing) collection :)

    I just wanted to share my little collection with everyone, so I did a little photoshoot tonight :) This is Ram and Peppers tank. Thats Ram on the bottom and Pepper on the top. Pepper was my first little gecko, and I love her to DEATH! c:My big boy :) I love her eyes in this one. She has her...
  10. laurahlove

    Help! Rescue Leo?

    So I went to petsmart today and I was looking at the reptiles like always and I saw this cute little leo drinking water. Then I realized his eyes were closed-struggling-and his tail was stick thin, and his legs, just basically all of him! My mouth dropped open. Wonderful petsmart. I couldnt not...
  11. laurahlove

    Tokay geckos?

    So yesterday I went to this really cool reptile store, and they had a Tokay gecko. And she was so beautiful! I had never seen one in person, but I had heard of them. I had no idea that they could be mean. She was only 20 dollars, and I was seriously considering getting her. Until they showed me...
  12. laurahlove

    Pictus Gecko Laid Eggs! :)

    Okay, so this morning I woke up to two little eggs in the moist hide. I just really want to make sure I did everything right. I got another tuper-ware and put moss in it and misted it, and carefully got the eggs out, didnt roll them over or anything, and put them in the box. then misted them...
  13. laurahlove

    Kinda freaking out?!

    Okay, so Pepper had kinda a plump belly when I got her, and to me it looked like she was already gravid. Now, she mated with my male, Ram, a week ago. Her belly is huge. Im probably just being paranoid, but I really dont think its supposed to be that big..? And a few minutes ago, I noticed she...
  14. laurahlove

    How longggg?

    So they mated for the first time a week ago. And her belly is huge! You can actually see the two circles on the side of her. And she has cut down on her eating a little, and shes been in her moist hide most of the time instead of her cave. How much longer till she lays her eggs? :confused: :G:
  15. laurahlove

    Well you guys, it happened...

    My Dad surprised me by picking up my new gecko early today. It literally took 20 seconds for him to climb on top of her. And it was so cute! He was just licking her head the whole time (not biting it, I know the difference.) It was adorable. Guess Ill be expecting soon!!! :)
  16. laurahlove

    Dead Meal Worms

  17. laurahlove


    My Gecko shed today, it was weird because it was so sudden, it literally happened over night, but anyways all of her skin has shed except her toes and Ive read so much about Geckos toes falling off because their toes didnt shed. I really do not want this to happen and I can tell shes having a...
  18. laurahlove

    Here she is :)

    Here are some picture I just took of my little girl Pepper :) When I stroke her back, she puts her tail up like a cat, its the cutest thing ever. This shows her stripe really really good, I love her coloring. Her fat little belly c: When I put her on my jeans, she started licking...
  19. laurahlove

    Pepper the Panther :)

    Hey all c: Im Laurah, and am new to the Gecko world, I just got a Panther Gecko and named her Pepper. She is 8 months old. She loves meal worms and sleeping all day. She has a big 20 gallon tank to roam around in. Ill probably have a lot of question to post on here, haha. :) -Laurah