1. B

    Newbie struggling to regulate temperature!

    Hi everyone! Really hoping someone can help me. We brought our lovely leopard gecko home yesterday. She is around 7 months old and is an albino gecko. We set her viv up a few days before we got her but I’m really struggling to regulate the temperature. We bought a habitat starter set so we’re...
  2. T

    Enigma Syndrome?

    I picked up my leopard gecko from the pet store a couple of days a go, they said she had a funny walk but said they had a reptile expert check her over and think that she’s fine. Now I’ve had her home a few days, I’ve noticed her walk is very strange and it’s taken me one google search to find...
  3. GeckoNewb

    GUIDANCE NEEDED juvenile albino leopard gecko

    I’m new to owning a gecko and have an Albino Leopard gecko. He is very sensitive to light so I don’t have a basic heat lamp. I have a UTH a black light heat lamp for night time and I just purchased a lightless ceramic heater for the day time. He is in a ten gallon tank. I have two thermometers...
  4. JadedGeckos

    Two new family members!

    Finally got my two new cuties home after a 11 hr car ride... left picture is Terra ( for terrorist cus she is mad with food) a Tremper albino, Het eclipse Right picture is Mellow ( cus he is so chill and laidback with handling ) his morph is Raptor I hope i can breed them later next year and...
  5. C

    any albino leo tips??

    so ive had my enclosure for a leo set for months and have done all my research and planned on getting a leo soon. turns out theres an expo in town tomorrow and one well loved leo breeder has all albinos. i didn’t previously intend on getting an albino leo but i researched and there isn’t really...
  6. JadedGeckos

    UVB lamp question

    So i just got these UVB bulbs (tldr 2% 23Wat) and im wondering how far i should have them from my Gecko i have two albinos one Tremper albino and one RATPOR and i dont wanna burn thier...
  7. JadedGeckos

    Tremper Albino x RAPTOR = result?

    Hi My name is Anton(JadedGeckos) and im abit new to breeding and morphs in general so im reading about and gotten alot of info. I have gathered all the info about breeder and such but the results in genetics are abit more tricky to get into my head. so my question is, if/when i breed my Tremper...
  8. Horace


    My Albino Horace
  9. B

    What morph is my leo?

    Hi everyone! Just got this little baby a few weeks ago and we are having a hard time determining the morph... definitely some type of albino. I’ve never seen a leo with coloring/markings like this one! It’s body is mainly yellow, and then has some purple and white coloring on the head and...
  10. W

    Mellow yellow fellow

    Freshly shed albino chinese beauty snake
  11. W

    Tri colour Albino #thinksitsacobra

    A female albino Honduran milk doing her best Cobra impression
  12. W

    A very yellow Fellow

    T- albino Chinese Beauty snake
  13. KaprikaAZ

    FOR SALE - Albino leucistic

    i have a baby albino leucistic leo. looking to sell for $30 US only +shipping prefferably pickup. i live in California, Maryland
  14. Spotty Tails

    ***WANTED*** Tremper Albino (Male)

    I am looking for a clean line Bred Tremper Albino male with minimal hets. Hets are OK but I would prefer eclipse. I would like anything that meets these requirements from a temp sexed juvenile, a sexed juvenile, adult, proven breeder. etc. Lineage and Genetics are the most important. PM me if...
  15. B&B Geckos

    Premium Bandits, Bolds, Tangerines, Bells & More...

    Visit our website to check out some of the best and most unique Leopard Geckos produced this year by clicking on the link below. We hope you enjoy. We guarantee our geckos to be as described, of top quality, parasite free, 100% healthy, and feeding well at the time they are shipped.
  16. mossoftherock

    Young Adult Albino Female for Rehoming in Fort Worth, TX

    Hey all. Got this little alby a few weeks ago in a trade, and while I would love to keep her, turns out she will not touch anything but crickets; I've tried dubia, superworms, mealworms, she doesn't care for them in the slightest. I have to go and buy the crickets from the pet store as I was...
  17. N

    Tremper Albino Super Snow [FEMALE]

    Hi :) I am interested in buying (within the next few months) a new female leopard gecko for my collection and to start a breeding project with. I have been eyeing super snows for a while, and recently i discovered that it is possible to make an albino super snow, and i find them much more...
  18. B&B Geckos

    Reverse Stripe Tangerine Female

    Beauty! Red Stripe/Emerine x JMG reverse stripe APTOR. Het Tremper, 50% het Eclipse. Produce more sweet tangerines like her or some rocking tangerine Tremper albinos. 6KS99 Sex: TS Female Hatched: 9/4/13 Weight: 16 g Beauty! Red Stripe/Emerine x JMG reverse stripe APTOR. We guarantee our...
  19. B

    Ball Pythons Albinos, bumblebees and more

    2013 Males Bumblebee Males $300 shipped Lesser Males $200 shipped Het Pied Male $60 plus shipping Het Albino Male $50 plus shipping Male Piebalds $450 shipped Normal $40 plus shipping Females Pastel Females $175 shipped Pastel Het Piebald Female $300 shipped Albino Females $300 shipped...
  20. B

    Leopard Geckos For Sale Las Vegas (Rainwater) Albinos and more

    Snow Las Vegas (Rainwater) Albino Patternless Males $200 shipped Las Vegas (Rainwater) Albino Patternless Males $150 shipped Las Vegas (Rainwater) Albino Males and TSF $100 shipped Tangerine Bell SUnglow Poss Het Radar $250 shipped Check out our For Sale album on facebook for more pictures...