baby leopard gecko

  1. ~Kayla

    New leopard gecko owner here! a few questions and concerns:

    Hi everyone! I just have a few questions regarding the husbandry of my new leopard gecko, Casey (His\her name for now, lol) he\she is two weeks old and I got her two days ago from a reptile breeder. 1: I strictly tong feed him\her mealworms for now, is that okay? I'm not sure if I should just...
  2. R

    Baby Leopard Gecko

    Hi, so I have a baby leopard gecko & i'm kind of worried about him. He hasn't eaten since I got him.. The woman at pet co told me to feed him wax worms, but with my old gecko, I never fed him wax worms... just mealworms. My question is, what should I feed him & is this not eating bs normal? lol...