1. W

    Beauty in Black and White

  2. W

    Black tailed beauty

    I was lucky enough to take a picture and interact with one of the Black tailed cribo's over at Rainforest exotics, ross on wye
  3. W

    Beauty in Black & White

    A beautiful king Cobra female over at Rainforest Exotics
  4. G

    Found this guy in Southern California

    Hi, a long time lizard fan, I was excited to find this guy patrolling the back fence of my new home in Irvine, CA. About 3" long including tail. Not a native species according to California Herps. But since it's just a baby, it looks like some feral geckos are breeding here. Any idea what kind...
  5. S

    black pastels het pied and OTHERS list!

    For sale is: 1.1 pair of 2012 black pastels het pied for sale. Asking $1,000 for the pair 1.1 Juvie pair of crested geckos. Male is a flame (red) and the female is an orange tiger. Asking $100 for the pair 8 month old female PURE Suriname red tail boa. This girl is gorgeous! Asking $350...
  6. geckoboa

    Black Friday Weekend sale!!

    These will be on sale until I clear enough room for some new projects. My prices are fair already so these are some awesome deals for top genetics. A043- Red Stripe Bell - Female- Regular price $170. Sale $100!! Shipping is a flat $45 in the Continental US! Many more geckos for sale on...