1. Deko Gecko

    2019 Super Nova 100% Het. Diablo Blanco (Female)

    Female DOB:07/29/2019 Reduced Pattern! 100% Full Red Ruby eyes! Excellent for any Diablo Blanco project. Dreamsicle X MS Diablo Blanco pair. PowerHouse! - Eclipse, Tremper, Enigma, MackSnow 100% Het. Blizzard $200.00 + ShippingReady to ship!
  2. A

    New Here :)

    Hello, My name is Alex. i live in Southern California. I am new here and i have a blizzard leopard gecko. I have had him for 1-2 months and his name is Ajussi. It means "Mister" in Korean. When i first got him at local pet store, i was told that he is blizzard leopard gecko, and 7-8 months...
  3. W

    Baby Jungle Leopard Gecko 100% HET Blizzard (FEMALE)(FREE SHIPPING)

    $80 SHIPPED Jungle 100% HET Blizzard Reply or Private Message if interested.
  4. S

    Male Blizzard/Blazing Blizzard(Tremper) 100% het for Diablo Blanco

    I have a female Blizzard poss. het Diablo Blanco who is at breeding weight and of age. I am afraid I will not be able to breed her this year, but I would like some sort of Blizzard who is absolutely het for Diablo Blanco to test her out. I would really like a male Blizzard/Blazing Blizzard het...
  5. A

    Giant or Super Giant Blizzard Female

    I'm very interested in buying a giant or super giant female blizzard leopard gecko. Wouldn't prefer hets , just normal blizzard, but willing to buy hets. If your selling one please contact me.
  6. bubblez825

    Female Mack snow(pick up only; AZ)

    I have a female mack snow het for bell and blizzard, about 4 to 5 years old, perfectly healthy and very sweet/loving.She is about 80g(I have a non-digital food scale, I'm not sure how accurate it is)and about 8.5" long. I'm looking to give her a new home, but do not know anything about shipping...
  7. Landen

    Snow Eclipse ph Blizzard

    Snow Eclipse ph Blizzard - *SOLD* 2011 Snow Eclipse possible het Blizzard (40/10 eyes) - SOLD ID # - HP3B-043011 Hatch Date - 04/30/2011 Weight - 43grams Mom - Giant Eclipse het Tremper Dad - Giant Supersnow her Blizzard/Eclipse/Tremper All of my gecko's are hand raised from...