1. S

    Leo might need a new home, what do I do?

    My 5 year old leopard gecko, Lena, hasn’t been eating lately and my parents think we need to rehome her. I got her from a breeder at a reptile convention when she was a few months old and she’s never had any problems except for not eating at times. Well, she’s had eyesight issues which affect...
  2. L

    Trying to find breeders

    Hello, I am trying to find out if there are any breeders in my area and am having the worst time trying to find any information, does anyone have any recommendations? I’m in North Carolina.
  3. B

    *FOR SALE* Crested Geckos 1.3 Flame/Dalmation

    Selling a Set of 4 Crested gecko's 1 male and 3 females. These are 2016 babies and have been handled since birth, very calm easy going lizards. They have not breed yet so the females are still in prime condition. They are Flame/Dalmatian, asking $300 obo for all of them, you can purchase through...
  4. C

    Zero African Fat Tails

  5. S

    Awesome Raptor Male

    200+ shipping. 2 ALL RED EYES. 5 Months old, 56 Grams as of 6/13/13 ... MSG me if you're interested 100% live arrival guarantee
  6. lexie016

    breeders in southern ontario, preferably london area??

    Hi there! I'm looking, as mentioned in title, for breeders in or around the london area?? Not that it matters at all, I'd be happy to get whatever, but I absolutely love the look of the tangerine carrot tail & the jungle & bold stripe morph, they're really awesome lookin, so if anyone is...
  7. athdaraxen

    Leo for a pet! (South East Georgia)

    Hey! I'm in the market for a new leopard gecko! :D I'm looking specifically for a breeder in my area, I live in Statesboro myself and I'd be willing to meet up or come to you for pick up. My price range is between $10-30. My price is so low because I'm not looking for any particular...
  8. F

    Panther Gecko specialist near upstate South Carolina?

    (I hope this is the right location to pose this question) I have looked online, and I have been unsuccessful in finding a Panther Gecko specialist/breeder in the area nearby Upstate South Carolina. The only one that I have heard about is in Atlanta Georgia, and I don't have anymore...
  9. LBsLeos

    SHTCB Proven Female and Juveniles Great prices!

    We are letting one of our proven breeder tang females go and some very nice juveniles as well. All healthy and eating on mealworms. Shipping is $50 for overnight guaranteed. Feel free to contact us via PM or email for more info or to purchase. Open to offers for the whole group as well. ID...
  10. G

    Two proven breeders and one non proven female leopard geckos

    I have three adult leopard geckos available. We ship for a flat rate of $50. PM me if you have any questions. TF1- Proven Breeder Morph: Super Hypo Tang Carrot Tail Baldy Het. Tremper Albino Weight:47 grams Price:$150 TF2- Proven Breeder Morph: Super Hypo Tang Carrot Tail Baldy Poss...
  11. LBsLeos


    MORPH: HYPO TANGERINE HETS: NONE SEX: FEMALE HATCHED: 2010 WEIGHT:54g (just after 12 clutch season) PRICE: $50 plus shipping This female has been a great breeder for 2 seasons laying 12 clutches this year! We have gotten many pretty babies from her. She has a great temperament and loves...
  12. geckoboa

    Freedom Breeder 6 level rack(26 tray)

    I have this older style freedom breeder rack, which a lot of people prefer, that I have no use for anymore. It has 2 levels of the split small reptiles trays, 2 levels of the regular small trays, and 2 levels of the medium reptile trays. Everything works perfect including all the heat panels. I...
  13. zachandjess2904

    Adult male tangerine

    We have a adult male basic tangerine available not het for anything that we know of. We have never put him in with any females yet . Asking $50 plus shipping email for pics . [email protected]
  14. meaghani

    Anyone in the BC area?

    I really want to purchase another leopard gecko. I'm not even picky about morph, I just know I want something besides another normal. Unfortunately, I can't really afford shipping as well as another gecko that will require its own setup, food, etc. Therefore, are there any BC, Canadian...
  15. S

    Leopard Geckos In Florida (or close)

    As in the title I am looking for Leopard Geckos/Leopard Gecko Breeders for sale (well, not the people :P ) in Florida or somewhere near...