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    Chahoua gecko and Enclosure/cabinet

    Female chahoua gecko 3 years old and custom enclosure for sale. Over $2000 invested in this setup including the gecko. Looking for $1500 for both the enclosure and gecko. I bought her from satoo reptiles in Lakewood, OH a few years ago for $850. She is very friendly and does very well with...
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    Chahoua gecko
  3. Chalupa.the.Chahoua

    My Pine Island Chahoua

    Chulapa, my Pine Island Chahoua. This my first Gecko and he’s great! Love this little guy so much. He’s 2 years old this month and I got him back in March through MorphMarket.com, had him delivered by FedEx which was a first for me with getting an animal.
  4. Chalupa.the.Chahoua

    Chahoua Acting Differently

    This is not a serious concern but it still has me a little worried. My Pine Island Chahoua, Chalupa, is kind of acting..different? I’ve had him since March of this year and it did take him some time to warm up to me, as he had been shipped over to me by FedEx and was probably traumatized by...
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    New photo of Chalupa and some newly added foliage to his enclosure!
  6. Chalupa.the.Chahoua

    Gecko launches himself at glass in front of me

    I've had my chahoua Chalupa for over a month now. This is my first gecko ever, and it's been going well so far. He's been great. What I'm trying to work on his handling him more regularly, and working out a system to safely get him in and out of the cage without him running loose around my...
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    Chalupa chilling on a bamboo branch. :D <3