1. acpart

    Gecko Time: Interview with John Lehmann of MorphMarket

    Learn about a new gecko sales platform, currently advertising only leopard geckos, but soon to open to cresties as well (and after that, the sky's the limit): Interview with John Lehmann of MorphMarket - Gecko Time - Gecko Time Aliza
  2. acpart

    Goldie and Rubio

    I just put a pair of gold and rose colored super dalmatians together in a new 18x18x24 Exo-terra (I have plenty of empty cages if this combo doesn't work out) for next season breeding. I never thought I'd ever breed cresties, but I'm going to try out this pair and see what i get: Aliza
  3. A

    Cresties Mating or Fighting?!?! HELP!

    Hi guys! So I have a situation. I purchased a crested gecko which I named Miku about a year and nine months ago and believed it was a female this entire time. I decided to get it a little buddy about a month ago. I then purchased a female who is a year and a couple months old and named her...