day geckos

  1. Iris and sage

    Iris and sage

    My peacock day pair. Iris and Sage. Such beautiful geckos!
  2. P

    When can i breed my GOLD DUST?

    My Gold Dust is five months old now. I believe it is a female because of the calcium sacks and lack of the orange coloration around its vent. Now my question is when is a Gold Dust gecko ready to breed? When would it be most appropriate to introduce a male in the enclosure?
  3. W

    Red Eye Croc skinks living with Red Eye Tree frogs? Vivarium ideas

    Ok. So my first reptile (My 12 year old ball python) passed away recently. I had him in an Exo-Terra Large Wide tank (36x18x18) and I really want to go big on a living vivarium since i've only made smaller ones in 12x18 or 18x24 Exo-Terras. I want to make it just really nice with plenty of...
  4. G

    Phelsuma laticauda Coloration question

    I've been thinking about setting up a biotope terrarium for a pair of gold dust day geckos and while I've been looking through every video of captive gold dust day geckos I came across something consistent with the coloration of the specimens. I have noticed that captive Phelsuma Laticauda lack...
  5. B

    Day Gecko Diets: Providing Variety

    Hi All, Day Geckos, those brilliantly-clad gems of the lizard world, are growing in popularity in zoos and private collections alike. Small wonder – the 52 described species, all placed in the genus Phelsuma, are active by day (of course!) and, when properly kept, quite willing to breed and...