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    Bubbles behind front legs?

    I have a 10 month old male leopard gecko. I noticed a little over a month ago he had two bubble like lumps, one behind each front leg. The bumps are very soft and don’t appear to cause him pain. I had read it could mean I was over supplementing so I decreased his supplements from every feeding...
  2. A

    Feeding advice for a new owner

    By happenstance I acquired a 5 month old male leopard gecko recently. While I have experience herp keeping it has been with crested geckos and bearded dragons which are decidedly different. I’m trying to see what all I should be feeding my new charge. Currently he is getting 5-6 mealworms dusted...
  3. I

    Strange Breathing/Eyes squinting/Eyes shut

    [[VET ASAP]] I have never seen her this way and noticed just today Hiccup-like/Eyes squinting/Raising head all the way up once in awhile To give a more descript idea of what her breathing looks like: her sides are not flexing rapidly, the 'hiccuping' is not sudden but more like a pulse every...
  4. H

    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    Hi I'm brand new here so I apologize in advance for anything I might do wrong. My leopard gecko (older)was having trouble eating and losing lots of weight and shedding constantly. We went to the vet after we noticed its vent was clogged with old shedding. Vet soaked and got rid of shedding as...
  5. acpart

    Gecko Time: Winter Feeding - Crested Gecko Diet Trials

    A crested gecko owner carries out some experiments with a variety of crested gecko food to find out which will best tempt their appetites in the winter months. The article includes some thoughts on how to choose the most nutritious as well as the best tasting diet: Winter Feeding: Crested Gecko...