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    Gecko eating moss in moist hide

    Hi, I have a leopard gecko, she is around 2/3 years old, I bought her off someone when she was about 1. The old owner used paper towel on the bottom of the tank, there were 2 hides, non of which were moist. I swapped the paper towel on the floor for some reptile carpet which is fine, she also...
  2. J

    Gecko not eating, looking at reflection, tail is getting skinny!!

    My leopard gecko has just recently stopped eating her usual diet and she's been very interested in the background of the vivarium and her reflection in the glass. I considered if it was any type of impaction since I haven't seen her excrete in 3 days. Looking for help! I tried massaging her...
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    Help with feeding new gold dust day gecko

    So im new to reptile owning and i decided to get a gold dust day gecko 4 days ago. He seems to be very comfortable in his tank and fairly active. Ive managed to get him to start drinking water and eating droplets of honey. He absolutely loves honey but he wont eat anything else it seems and o...
  4. Z

    Eating too much?

    I seem to have a very hungry gecko! I've had him for over 2 weeks now and he's doing greats so far! He was eating right away, didn't mind my hand inside the viv at all, and overall seems really happy. He's a very curious gecko and loves being handled. Everytime I walk into the room, he comes...
  5. S

    My leo is not eating

    My leo named spot who is around two years old (we think) stopped eating. She has been very healthy and was eating normally. A few mealworms every day and some waxworms every once in a while. She shed a while ago and it was stuck on her face and she wasn't eating. We got it off of her face but...
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    My new crested making me worry

    My first crestie two days ago (first reptile). I know, I know, it's normal for it to not eat for a few days. I worry anyway. I guess I expected it to move around a bit more than this? It's just unnerving to watch it hang upside down for twelve hours with zero movement. I've moved it up to it's...
  7. O

    Infertile Egg

    i am new to breeding geckos and this is the first time my gecko has been pregnant and she stopped eating and later layed an infertile egg. Now it looks like she has no more eggs in her but she still wont eat. she is an african fat tailed gecko and her tail is extremely thin. What should i do?