1. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  2. N

    Help needed. Gecko might be dying :(

    Hello. Recently we had a huge snow storm and I didn't feed my gecko for four days. When we finally got crickets she wouldn't eat them. I usually hand feed her crickets but she just tries to climb the glass walls of her cage. I do not know what is wrong. I think she is about 9 years old. I am so...
  3. MelodysLeos

    Where do you get Crickets from?

    and I dont mean the pet store. lol I've been looking at the feeder farms online and wanted a few suggestions. anything helps! :)