1. Miami geckos

    Superworm caresheet WITH BREEDING TIPS<--------------------------

    Super Worm Care Cheet GENERAL INFORMATION The scientific name for a Superworm is "Zophobas morio" and is also refered to as "Kingworm." This species of larvae is native to Central and South America. They are a very popular pet food item which can be fed to Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos...
  2. L

    Vitabugs - the feeder insect with more to it!

    Existing feeder insect choices do not provide complete nutrition for captive insect eaters, as a result, dusting or gut-loading is necessary. Even when used properly, many existing commercial gut-loading products and dusts do not provide appropriate nutrition. After years of research and...
  3. westcoastroaches

    Small Dubia Package For Sale - $20

    225 small dubia + 2 female + 1 male + 10% over count for only $20. Any question please send an email. Thanks!