1. R

    Automatic Formula Feeder?

    During summer I often am out of town over the weekends, and so I was wondering if anyone knows of any automatic formula feeders out there? In the past I’ve had a petsitter, but would be nice to explore other options.
  2. crowriot

    Repashy Calcium Plus question

    Hello! I'm new here, just had a question about the product listed above. For context, I have a 4 month old baby leopard gecko and just got this product. It says to use it every feeding but I am very skeptical as I have done research and many have said the buildup of vitamins have caused their...
  3. E

    Alternatives to dubia roaches and crickets

    So I just got my leopard gecko, and for now I only have mealworms. I want to diversify my leos diet, but some of the commonly used feeders aren’t an option for me. My parents won’t allow crickets because of the noise/smell, and dubia roaches are illegal where I live. I’d like to know if there...
  4. A

    Feeding advice for a new owner

    By happenstance I acquired a 5 month old male leopard gecko recently. While I have experience herp keeping it has been with crested geckos and bearded dragons which are decidedly different. I’m trying to see what all I should be feeding my new charge. Currently he is getting 5-6 mealworms dusted...
  5. S

    New Leopard Gecko, interesting past feeding

    I just recently got a free leopard gecko off of Craigslist. I have done some research and I think I’m pretty good for now. I have him in his (I think) 40 gallon exo terra enclosure, his singular magnetic hide, his two bowls and then they had him on heat lamps. They had no bulbs in them so I used...
  6. Morfran

    Feeding tub layouts for hunting crickets!

    I finally settled on a female name Leilani. I think it fits her personality perfectly. I set up some paper towel roll half’s to act as tunnels and released crickets for her to hunt in an old 30g aquarium and she loved it. She was wiggling her tail like never seen before she was so excited to...
  7. jolieg8

    Gecko too stressed to eat or just sick?

    This seems like a lot, I know, but I'm in a really strange position and my vet isn't being very helpful. I have a three year old crested gecko that I adopted from a breeder that was finished using him to spawn. I've had him since September, so 6 months. His illness: (you can skip this, it's...
  8. K

    Leopard gecko not eating

    Since day one my leopard gecko has been a picky eater. One day he’ll love crickets, then the next day he won’t. There was a time when he loved wax worms and now he doesn’t. He absolutely hates mealworms and super worms, and I even tried giving him a pinky rat just to try something different and...
  9. I

    Gecko poop

    Hello! I’m a happy gecko mom of 3 leopard geckos. As a mom, I overanalyze everything (including my geckos poop!) We received our geckos in September when they were about 4-5 months old. They all act healthy: love to be held every night, shed normally, drink water, and eat regularly. However...
  10. dogplanes

    Food Refusal. Need Advice

    My leopard gecko, Archie (male), is about a year old (14 months, I think). I got him last september from a good breeder. He has always eaten mealworms. Now, I know leos can be notoriously picky, but I still worry, because he has gone mostly off feed for about 2 weeks now, out of the blue. At one...
  11. R

    Gecko isnt eating!

    Hi! my half a year old gecko hasnt been eating, I posted a thread on saturday about how he isnt good at catching his food. And now he's basically given up on eating! Its been 5 days since he's ate, every night I try to entice him to eat but he has no interest. Whether its dumping them in his...
  12. R

    Leopard Gecko sucks at eating, help!

    Hi! My little leopard gecko is about half a year old, he sucks at eating. As in he misses a lot when he tries to grab the mealworms, and when he gets one in his mouth its a 50/50 chance if it'll escape from his grasp. idk what to do because I'm trying to keep him from getting malnourished but...
  13. ~Kayla

    New leopard gecko owner here! a few questions and concerns:

    Hi everyone! I just have a few questions regarding the husbandry of my new leopard gecko, Casey (His\her name for now, lol) he\she is two weeks old and I got her two days ago from a reptile breeder. 1: I strictly tong feed him\her mealworms for now, is that okay? I'm not sure if I should just...
  14. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  15. C

    Leopard gecko eating is off...

    I don’t know if I should be posting this on this part but I need help... so my leopard gecko is about7 months old I have had her for a month cause I adopted her off someone else..... For the past month she’s been eating really really well but now starting this week her food schedule went off...
  16. macleomhann

    Is she in pain after eating??

    So I fed my gecko this morning and the crickets were a little bigger than usual. After I fed her she did something weird. She turns her head around and touched her nose to her side. She did it in both sides several times. I don’t know if she was in pain. ??
  17. L

    Rescue Leo

    Hello! I need help aging my new rescue leopard gecko. I named him Loki and I got him from a lady that said he was a Diablo Blanco. He is a male but I’m having trouble figuring out his age to know how often to feed him. I have hornworms and mealworms and he’s a fantastic eater but I don’t want to...
  18. T

    Food advice for Paroedura ibityensis

    I’ve recently added one of these geckos to my collection. I’m having some trouble finding insects suitable for him. I’ve tried small crickets and small meal worms but he hasn’t eaten any of them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Kathryntheclean

    Not sure I'm doing this right.....but....

    Ok, so obviously I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing...... but I need some assistance. Hello all, I've had plenty of (well, 3) chinese water dragons. But never a leopard gecko. He's a baby, or maybe she's a baby. Anyway, I'm trying to find out if I'm overfeeding or what. He's constantly...
  20. Q

    My juvenille leopard gecko eating crickets