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  1. My new Gargoyle

    My new Gargoyle

    New breeder hoping for a girl
  2. A

    Gargoyle Gecko Help?

    Hey everyone, this is my first thread on this site so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section. I've visited a pet store yesterday which had the three (two female and one male) Gargoyle Geckos for sale pictured below. The light grey female seems to have a scar on the top of her head...
  3. ChelsyKozy


    Im Chelsy! Im from Northern California. I have owned an adult Crested Gecko for two years, a Tokay Gecko for one year, and a Juvenile Gargoyle Gecko for about a month now. I love basically all reptiles except snakes. Crestie is named Rusty. Tokay is Toothless but I always end up calling her Miss...
  4. B

    Gargoyle Gecko Eggs - Help!

    Hi All, Our 3 year old Gargoyle Gecko seems to have laid two eggs in the enclosure. This was a bit of a shock as we had always thought it was a boy, and there is only one gecko in there. What should we do with the eggs? Unless Gargoyle Geckos can reproduce A-Sexually then I guess they are...
  5. T

    which tank is better to use for a garg?

    hey guys i have a 20 gallon long and a 12x12x18. which one would be better for a garg? i'm thinking the 20 but what do you guys think? also is there any other rhacs i should consider getting? i already have a crested shes living happy in a zoomed 18x18x24. lol thanks for your time everyone
  6. S

    Gargoyle Geckos

    we have available a few gargoyle geckos. all feeding well on dusted insects and repashy gecko crested gecko diet. pictures and pricing are located on our facebook page under"Gargoyle For Sale" for fastest response please email me at [email protected] Like us on facebook to...