gecko health

  1. S

    I have a question about a Marbled Gecko

    I have a marbled gecko but it seems like there's too little information about him. I have a pair but one of them has a tiny little orangish rounded eggs stuck around his eye and body also it's hard to take them out. when I popped one of the eggs (?) it showed orange goo. I am assuming chiggers...
  2. Kingc


    Hi Guys, Random question, I got my several week old leopard gecko (Raphael) in September this year. I know there are a lot of gecko owners with similar questions to mine. I am worried about Raphael as I do not think he has shed as of yet. I personally thought it was time for him to shed due...
  3. P

    Crested gecko swelling or cresticles

    Hi everyone I’m really new to keeping a crested gecko this is Nori who I’ve owned for about a month now and they’re around five months old. They’ve started getting swelling around their vent area but it doesn’t look like cresticles to me at least because it seems to all be on one side I’ve...
  4. J

    New gecko

    I got a leopard gecko from petsmart last night and was just wondering if hes healthy or not. I read a lot online and had some mixed information so I thought I'd check here. So I measured and weighed him, hes a bit over 5 inches from tail tip to head, and weighs 10.8 gs. I was wondering what age...
  5. G

    Please Help! Confused. (skinny tail)

    Hi! I've had my female leopard gecko for about 9 years now. She's always been happy and healthy, until now. For about a couple months her tail hasn't been able to gain weight at all. Her belly is not skinny, just her tail. I repeat, her body is rather fat, but her tail is abnormally skinny. She...
  6. L

    New & Need Help!

    Hey everybody :) I found your forum while looking for ways to help my new gecko. He (or she!) is an albino leopard gecko... Or, at least, that's what I believe from googling pictures. I've just adopted... see: rescued... him from a friend's roommate who was just a horrible pet owner. The poor...