1. Hunting Time

    Hunting Time

  2. T

    Tokay gecko morphs for sale

    I have for sale. 1.1 Patternless Powder Blue 1.2 Calico/Pied 1.1 Blue Granite 1.1 Super Red Please only serious inquiries Email- [email protected]
  3. S

    100 gallon leopard gecko bio active tank

    Hi guys I have 6 female leopard geckos in a custom tank I'm having 10 max later on and I have natural coconut fiber as sub and :main_laugh: I been talking to leopardgecko on YouTube and she has helped a lot I have natural meal worms breeding in the tank geckos hunt crickets that are born in the...
  4. K Kingston

    AFT owner with 2 leopard babies in AR

    Hello, I Krystal here in Arkansas, US. I have 3 African Fat Tailed geckos that are doing very well. I got them from an online breeder and I received them as of breeding age and weight so they are approximately 10 months old now. I'm not planning to breed them but that is how the online breeder...
  5. elgecko

    New Breeder In The UK.

    I joined the forum a few days ago and thought it was time to say Hi. My Grandson and I are in the process of setting up our Gecko breeding project. He has had a couple of geckos that he was given by his cousin and his interest has grown so much he has now decided he would like to move forward...
  6. K

    Building a viv

    I have 2 crested geckos that have been living together for about 4 or 5 years now and figured it would be fun to upgrade their enclosure. I have an 18x18x24 exo tera and want to do a full custom build on it. Problem is, I have never done a terrarium build before, and so I need some info on how...
  7. N

    soon to be proud father of gold dust day gecko

    Hello, I am trying to get back into raising and breeding reptiles. I have settled into geckos, and specifically gold dust day geckos for my first attempt in awhile. I have previously owned and raised a green anole, a Leopard Gecko, and then a Bearded Dragon going into college. Since its been...
  8. acpart

    Gecko Time: How to Sell Your Geckos Revisited

    An update of the original article written in 2010, taking into account some of the changes in the way hobbyists now sell geckos: How to Sell Your Geckos Revisited - Gecko Time - Gecko Time Aliza
  9. M

    Hello, I've got two leopard geckos

    Hello, I've had two female leopard geckos for almost 6 months now. A mother & daughter; Instagram And our viv looks a bit like this; Instagram I'm on here looking for some advice on heat lamps as I don't think my heat mat alone is sufficient.
  10. S

    Just starting in the world of breeding

    Hello, I am Ethan. I have a lot of experience with Leopard Geckos and have decided to start breeding them in the Pittsburgh area. I came here looking for advice. I am going to buy 2-3 breeders to start off, just to make sure breeding is right for me. I have been doing a lot of research into the...
  11. S

    Gecko cannot eat food. Need help

    Hello, I've been taking care of my two geckos for roughly three years now, and I've come upon an issue with one of my geckos. My gecko has a lot of trouble eating, and not in the sense that he doesn't want to eat, but rather that he just can't pick up his food. I can tell he definitely wants to...
  12. W


    Close up of a crested gecko's crests
  13. W

    Those eyes.....that smile

    Picta geckos rock
  14. acpart

    Gecko Time: Gecko Time Wants to Know about Leopard Geckos

    This is the first installment of a new monthly series where Gecko Time asks established breeders some more advanced questions about a particular species. Questions will usually be about breeding, selling and morphs. This installment is about leopard geckos and features responses from Ray...
  15. C


    Hello everybody, I just joined the Forum a couple days ago after I decided to purchase my first two Leopard Geckos.
  16. D

    brand new and excited

    hey :) i am a brand new gecko mom and also new to this forum about me: i'm from germany (so please excuse me if i don't use the proper terms for gecko-related things or mess up) i'm 33, working in a daycare/nursery about my geckos: i "adopted" a group of three young female leopard geckos (i...
  17. acpart

    Geckcessories Finances 2016

    As a service to the community to help with understanding the costs and benefits of breeding geckos, I'm presenting my financial records for 2016 below. A few notes: a. My "misc." category is primarily for shipping payments and expenditures, as well as medical costs. In addition, I made $500...
  18. Treefolk

    Popularity of Fat tails

    Is it just me or does the popularity of this hobby seem to be decreasing? Is it just the off season, so nobody talks? Seems similar with leopard geckos as well. Seems crazy that people are having such a hard time selling geckos that I saw raptors on selling for $35. I remember...
  19. kkigs


    My most popular sale is back! During the month of December, buy any two leopard geckos, and receive a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shipping is $40, no matter how many geckos you purchase. See all available animals on my website, Shipping windows are small...
  20. T

    Available Tokay geckos morphs for sale

    Hello All, I am currently working Tokay geckos morphs we are given them our for give away prices because we are going into a new reptiles Projects . If any one is interested in breeding geckos and you want to buy all i will give them for discount prices Blue Headed Green Patternless...