1. Treefolk

    Popularity of Fat tails

    Is it just me or does the popularity of this hobby seem to be decreasing? Is it just the off season, so nobody talks? Seems similar with leopard geckos as well. Seems crazy that people are having such a hard time selling geckos that I saw raptors on selling for $35. I remember...
  2. kkigs


    My most popular sale is back! During the month of December, buy any two leopard geckos, and receive a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shipping is $40, no matter how many geckos you purchase. See all available animals on my website, Shipping windows are small...
  3. T

    Available Tokay geckos morphs for sale

    Hello All, I am currently working Tokay geckos morphs we are given them our for give away prices because we are going into a new reptiles Projects . If any one is interested in breeding geckos and you want to buy all i will give them for discount prices Blue Headed Green Patternless...
  4. J

    First Time Gecko Parents

    Good Morning, Can you help me identify my new little one? I believe the lady might have told me incorrectly. She said these were Fancy Leopard Geckos. Help!
  5. W

    Night time ninja

    The lean, athletic physique of these geckos help nightly hunts
  6. D

    Hey there!

    Hey! My name is Serena and I'm a 22 year old from the wonderful state of Wisconsin! I've grown up with animals, specifically horses, but my love of reptiles and herps is just beginning to take over my life! Right now I am the parent of a small zoo including: Bruce, Phyllis, and Bruiser...
  7. ClownCarOnFire

    Hello again! ...From Connecticut...still!

    Hello everyone! I don't know if anyone remembers me, as I haven't been here in quite a few years...but I am back! I used to have a Leopard Gecko named Nakomis, but she sadly passed on a few years back. Currently, I don't have any reptiles, but I am trying to change that somewhat soon, if...
  8. G

    leopard gecko genetics

    Outcome of pairings? Raptor + tremper het eclipse = ? Raptor + tremper het blizzard = ? Aptor + raptor = ?
  9. P

    When can i breed my GOLD DUST?

    My Gold Dust is five months old now. I believe it is a female because of the calcium sacks and lack of the orange coloration around its vent. Now my question is when is a Gold Dust gecko ready to breed? When would it be most appropriate to introduce a male in the enclosure?
  10. F

    Two Baby Crested Geckos

    I am looking to rehome these two baby crested geckos.They are sweet and handable we just don't have the time for them right now. If your in the general area I am looking to sell them for $100.00 obo plus tank, everything in the tank, and food for them. If needing to be shipped it'll be the two...
  11. H

    Large self-sustaining vivarium idea

    I would like to make a self-sustaining live plant vivarium with crested geckos, at my disposal I have the following: Crested geckos (Any amount) Glass front opening tank (36 tall, 24 wide, 18 deep - Equal to about 70 gallons) Fog machines (Up to 4) Lights (Any color or size) Heating utilities...
  12. T

    My Leopard Gecko & Crested Gecko Enclosures!

    The one on the left is my Leopard Gecko Enclosure! The one on the right is my Crested Gecko Enclosure! I STILL NEED SOME DECOR FOR LEO'S ENCLOSURE
  13. T

    Wanted female crested geckos

    I am looking for females crested geckos that are RTB or will soon be RTB. Specifically Dalmatian or red dalmatian, BUT i would like any other morph as well You can email me at [email protected] if you have any offers :main_thumbsup: thankss!!
  14. Jeanne

    1.1 pair High Red Stripe Gargoyle geckos

    1.1 High Red Stripe Gargoyle Geckos. Female is the Darker Red of the 2, the males stripes get darker red than in these pictures. Female is 31 Grams an Male is 26 Grams. They have both been feeding on Repashy Day Gecko Meal replacement powder. Sold as pair $500 Plus Shipping or Best Reasonable...
  15. geckoboa

    Major website update at GeckoBoa!!

    Just posted a large group of Leopard Geckos for sale. White & Yellows, Bandits, Giants, Marble Eyes, Tangerines, Afghans, and many more on this update. CLICK HERE FOR AVAILABLE PAGE Mack Snow Bell White and Yellow poss het Radar Snow Bandit
  16. L

    What should I do?

    So I am gonna get one soon!!:D! What do I need to do? Also I have a lot of quistions!!!!! :help: I just need some replys telling me some stuff about them I know some but not nearly anough! Please help!! Any thing is usefull!
  17. G


    leo hatchlings for sale all eating and shedding fine all hypo x £30 or best offer thanks Gemma
  18. R

    Crseted Geckos for sale :D

    5 crested geckos for sale all male and 1 female 1 Red Harley Male, 1 Extreme Harley Male,1 Harley Male, 1 Tiger Male, and 1 Extreme Harley Female! all for $550 SHIPPED! prefer to sell as a group, great looking bunch! need a home :D -ryan (386)-243-2567
  19. B

    Going Out Of town

    so i have two leopard geckos. that i give alot of attention to. My husband and I are going out of town for a week. and we have taken them with us before. but i don't want to put the stress on them again. so i am going to leave them home[ have done before also]. but was only for 4 days. and they...
  20. K

    Crested Gecko and 1st time reptile owner

    This is my first time caring for a reptile, and i want everything to go smoothly. I noticed that she has not eaten any crickets in the past three days. Is there any good ways to get her comfortable with this so she will eat them?