1. helfrichj

    Heating Mat Question/Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I have had my leopard gecko, Chauncey, for about two years, and I have had the same heat mat the entire time. I have a thermostat hooked up to it to control the temperature and keep it at 89 degrees F. However, lately it has not been getting above 84 which I know is too cold...
  2. apollothegecko

    heating on cool side help please!

    on the hot side of the tank it’s usually around 89-94 degrees fahrenheit but on the cool side the wall temperature says 65. how do i get the heat up on the cool side?
  3. S

    100 gallon leopard gecko bio active tank

    Hi guys I have 6 female leopard geckos in a custom tank I'm having 10 max later on and I have natural coconut fiber as sub and :main_laugh: I been talking to leopardgecko on YouTube and she has helped a lot I have natural meal worms breeding in the tank geckos hunt crickets that are born in the...
  4. M

    Hello, I've got two leopard geckos

    Hello, I've had two female leopard geckos for almost 6 months now. A mother & daughter; Instagram And our viv looks a bit like this; Instagram I'm on here looking for some advice on heat lamps as I don't think my heat mat alone is sufficient.
  5. T

    New Setup for Leopard Gecko

    I just purchased a Zoo Med 10 gal tank kit, log hide, rock hide, carpet and a heat pad. I placed the rock hide on the heat pad side, and the log on the cool side with the food/water dishes. The room that the tank is in is consistantly 73°F The thermometer in the rock hide reads 86°F Do I...
  6. A

    UVB lamp (nc)

    my anole kiwi is not quite getting enough UV rays from just the window even through her plants are (I chose plants that could survive with low UV) and I'm a bit worried about her dull brown colour :/ her tank is warm (its spring in NC and its HOT!) and I mist her daily and don't handle her...
  7. S

    My new crested making me worry

    My first crestie two days ago (first reptile). I know, I know, it's normal for it to not eat for a few days. I worry anyway. I guess I expected it to move around a bit more than this? It's just unnerving to watch it hang upside down for twelve hours with zero movement. I've moved it up to it's...
  8. B

    Cold Weather Tips for reptile, Amphibian & Invertebrate Owners

    Hi, Frank Indiviglio here. I’m a herpetologist, zoologist, and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx Zoo Whether you keep a single, cold-hearty Common Snapping Turtle or a large collection of tropical...
  9. C

    Heating / Lighting crested gecko help

    Hello! So after researching and purchasing everything necessary since February, I went to a reptile expo this past weekend and am now the proud owner of a juvenile Crestie! Hes gorgeous :3 . He's a good size, and even though hes not eating the respashy I purchased, he did eat a few crickets...
  10. S

    Heating Problems

    So I recently moved to a new place and now my cresti and I live in a basement, the last place we lived I was able to use a florescent light bulb to light the cage so he had a night and day, but I didn't need worry about heat ever as the ambient temp was sufficient. Now in the new place, the...