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  1. Geckos & Fish & Cows

    I haven't even gotten a gecko yet

    Hi, I'm Shyann and I haven't even gotten a gecko yet, but I guess I wanted to be prepared. I have a 10 gallon tank set up with lots of ledges and stuff (I'll attach an image). I am getting a 40 gallon soon and I will be doing the same kind of thing. Let me know what you guys think! Also, I was...
  2. L

    Hello ^.^

    Hi ^^ my name is Lorie and this is dragon x3 thats the most up to date picture of him i have it was taken about a week ago, i'll be taking more after his shed thats happening today ^^ i met dragon february 5th 2015 he was so tiny! ^.^ just one pic of him when i first brough him home as of...
  3. Uzekins

    Hello ^^

    I just got my Baby today =D Dunno what to exactly name it/him/her yet since it isn't sexed and is still too young to really be It has a healthy appetite at least which is great. I've had experience with Crested and Fat Tail at least cause of my friend owning them ^^ Here's the cutie pie!