1. Beccabrace

    Chahoua Help :(

    Hi, attached is my female chahoua, she laid eggs recently and since then has been refusing food etc. She is deteriorating & I just noticed this small lump in the middle of her abdomen, does any one have any idea what it is?
  2. ThisnThatExotics

    Leo hatchling morph help

    Hey all! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on my hatchlings morphs. I’ve had leos for years but this was my very first year producing hatchlings. Right now I just have 5 TSM and a lot more females due in the next couple of months First pairing was my Mack snow tremper boy with my white and...
  3. Geckosoup

    Red belly/tail on male leopard gecko?

    Today while cleaning out my 2 year old male leopard geckos tank I saw that his belly and tail have gone pinkish red. His temps are normal (warm side 29°C, cool side 24°C) and he ate crickets two days ago and has been active and otherwise healthy. I am wondering if it is possible he is having an...
  4. lukeyoo

    New Gecko Owner

    Hi everyone, The other day myself and my girlfriend rescued a leopard gecko from a not so great condition. We've cleaned her enclosure and have bought new everything (minus the skull). She seems to have settled in quickly and is loving her heat-pad as she didn't have one before. Echo is about...
  5. Chimmy

    Please help, eating problems

    Hello! My leopard gecko has had trouble eating lately. He recently stopped brumating so I figured he'd be really hungry. Which he was, obviously, he was very interested and alert. The thing is, he's kinda blind. I don't think he can see anything at all with his right eye, the eye is completely...
  6. R

    Are these mites? Help

    I have a vivarium with Bio Dude Terra Sahara reptile substrate and succulents. It’s been set up for almost a year now with no problems. I haven’t introduced anything new since the set up a year ago. A couple weeks ago I noticed small white and brown insects on the water bowl. I thought they...
  7. H

    URGENT: Rescued leopard gecko with signs of MBD and malnutrition

    Hello, I rescued a leopard gecko from a family member who was severely neglecting her. She's 10 months old. My cousin asked me for advice when his gecko was refusing to eat. I asked him for a picture and the attached photos are what he sent me. I told him to give me the gecko immediately so I...
  8. B

    Newbie struggling to regulate temperature!

    Hi everyone! Really hoping someone can help me. We brought our lovely leopard gecko home yesterday. She is around 7 months old and is an albino gecko. We set her viv up a few days before we got her but I’m really struggling to regulate the temperature. We bought a habitat starter set so we’re...
  9. Ashtenb

    Crested gecko morph help

    Does anyone have any idea what morphs my crested geckos are?
  10. Mesastalks

    Identify these morphs! I'm new

    What is this gray colored "leopard gecko" in the red circle? Or what albino morph Is the green circle? Thank you :,) newer to the geckos
  11. E

    What to gut load mealworms with?

    Hi, i recently got a leopard gecko and have been properly supplementing him but i was wondering if i should gut load his food. So i thought about it and have decided i want to, but i dont know what fruits or vegetables to gut load them with. Please help
  12. G

    Leo Tail Injury- HELP!

    Hey guys! I'm new here and looking for advice. My four ish month old leo is having tail trouble... It started as a little red nip kind of thing at the very tip of her tail, and in a week it's turned into this... I don't know how bad it is or what to do, I'm a first time reptile owner. Help!
  13. G

    Lump on Tokay Gecko?

    I just got a new tokay gecko about a week ago from my local repticon (all I know is she's a female wild caught tokay and they had already been treating her for worms) and she looked fine when I got her but suddenly she's developed a a large lump on her neck and I have no idea what it is. She...
  14. C

    new to owning leopard gecko :)

    Hi everyone :) my names caitlin and at the end of july i got my first leopard gecko. his name is da vinci and i was told he was born at the end of february. i’m a little bit concerned about him as i very rarely see him come out of his moist hide and i haven’t actually held him since the day i...
  15. J

    Too Humid at Night (Advice Appreciated :) )

    Hiya! Im working on setting up a bioactive enclosure for a crested gecko. I haven't got him yet, plants are growing well, the heat is within the right parameters however I am having problems with my humidity at night. What is currently in the enclosure at the moment is draining medium...
  16. J

    Vent problems

    My adult male leapord gecko has been licking his vent constantly. I have been giving him baths and was examining his vent today and found some dried skin that I removed. I also saw this red irritated bump and I’m not quite sure what’s going on or what to do. Any help much appreciated.
  17. BowlODirt


    Hi, I just got a new leo gecko from my friend’s brother who wasn’t taken good care of him, his name is Yeti. Note: I’ve only had him for less than 2 weeks but he’s about a year old(?). Cutting straight to the chase, he is really social and active and likes to be crawling on people a lot...
  18. GeckoNewb

    GUIDANCE NEEDED juvenile albino leopard gecko

    I’m new to owning a gecko and have an Albino Leopard gecko. He is very sensitive to light so I don’t have a basic heat lamp. I have a UTH a black light heat lamp for night time and I just purchased a lightless ceramic heater for the day time. He is in a ten gallon tank. I have two thermometers...
  19. Ceyatic

    Help! Stuck shed in my leos eye?

    Hi, this is my leo Neeko. She is about more than a month old but today ive noticed that her left eye is more open/bigger than her right eye. I think its some stuck shed under her eye but im not sure. Can someone help me confirm what it is or how to remove it? Or should i just go to the vet. (She...
  20. S

    What is on my gecko’s tail?

    Hello! Ever since my gecko’s tail has been getting bigger, I’ve noticed this indent on her tail thats quite big. Is this normal or should I take her to the vet?