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    Urgent Please Help Dead Baby Leopard Gecko

    Hello, I have 4 adult leopard geckos and recently two of my eggs had hatched. I had two beatiful baby leopard geckos and I was very happy. Today I checked one of baby leopard geckos container (6 quarts) to find a dead baby leopard gecko. I don't know what I did wrong so I will tell everything I...
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    hello everyone! Help please

    hi guys, I am new to the forum. My name is Haley and I own two geckos, a sweet leopard female Zelda and banded boy Zeus..who are housed together. Recently Zeus has been acting as though he is trying to mate with Zelda and me and my boyfriend do not know what to do. Should we separate them? We...
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    I Need a lot of help.... (leopard gecko's)

    where do i begin.... I currently have a male and a female. both about a year old.. Love them both. Female: 28-32G male: 33-35G live in the same vivarium. Female: lump?!?!?!!: so the lady at the pet-store told me that normal sand was a good idea... also just a sh!tty 25W canopy was a good...