1. ~Kayla

    New leopard gecko owner here! a few questions and concerns:

    Hi everyone! I just have a few questions regarding the husbandry of my new leopard gecko, Casey (His\her name for now, lol) he\she is two weeks old and I got her two days ago from a reptile breeder. 1: I strictly tong feed him\her mealworms for now, is that okay? I'm not sure if I should just...
  2. LoveReps

    Terrible craiglist gecko owners.

    I am not new to the occasional Craigslist ad of poorly cared for animals being sold here, in fact, I aim to rescue leos that have been subjected to bad husbandry so they have a chance at a better life. I am making this thread just to rant about these Craigslist gecko owners. I never rant to the...
  3. Lil Biscuit

    Leopard Gecko enclosure design and possible toxins

    I'm currently designing a bio active tank/enclosure for my leopard gecko. I'm mainly concerned on possible toxins. If I place a turtle shell that has been taxidermied and probably off of amazon; will my leopard gecko be poised, will anything like dubia roaches, or isopods eat at it? If so is...
  4. D

    Helping my beardie calm down

    hello all! i just adopted my first beardie! she's 5 and she's really beautiful! however, moving and being put into a new terrarium (i got her from a private owner, they had a baby and couldn't keep the beardie any more) seems to have stressed her quite a bit she's gone wild at the glass front...