1. skerrigan

    Steph and Jerry :)

    Hey everyone! Being new to owning a Leopard Gecko, I'm so glad and excited to have found this discussion forum!! My name is Steph and this is my pal Jerry :)
  2. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Juvenile Jerry
  3. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Hey guys :) I'm new to the Leopard Gecko community and would love for you all to meet my pal Jerry!
  4. N

    please help,idk what to do

    hello, i keep my leopard gecko, sparky, in a tank on top of my desk. he’s a juvenile, so he’s kinda small. yesterday, my dad was moving it and didn’t see his heating rock plugged in and my poor gecko fell to the floor and got smushed by his rock. he’s alive and alright, but he won’t walk on his...
  5. H

    18x18x12 or 12x12x18 for Gargoyle Gecko?

    I just asked recently on another, busier, gecko forum but I love some variety so let's ask here too. I've been interested in getting a gargoyle gecko for over a year now, and I currently have the opportunity to get an exo terra for only $40 which seems like a wonderful deal to me. I have two...
  6. B

    Juvenile Veiled Chameleon for Sale

    I got Vivid about four months ago, he's a veiled chameleon. And while I love him so much, I have to give him away. I am not experienced enough to care for him, i.e. I have memory loss and cannot keep up with daily tasks well. I tried hard to give him what he needs, but I keep forgetting. I think...
  7. Shieldsy

    Hello! New to the forum, new to keeping geckos.

    Hi Geckoforums! I'm new to the ins and outs of keeping geckos - new to keeping reptiles in general, actually - and thought it would be a good idea to join a forum so I can learn and have a community to talk to about the subject. I own a juvenile leopard gecko named Leto (named after the...
  8. TBHall

    Beardy Morph Help

    Hello! I purchased my first juvenile Bearded Dragon hatchling from Wildlife Safari in Roswell, NM a few months ago and I haven't really been able to decide what morph this little guy/gal is. Any help and input would be appreciated! The pictures taken were shot two days post shed.
  9. Spotty Tails

    ***WANTED*** Tremper Albino (Male)

    I am looking for a clean line Bred Tremper Albino male with minimal hets. Hets are OK but I would prefer eclipse. I would like anything that meets these requirements from a temp sexed juvenile, a sexed juvenile, adult, proven breeder. etc. Lineage and Genetics are the most important. PM me if...
  10. S

    Worried about new juvenile!

    This is my first reptile. Had him, 4 months old, for about 11 days now. The 1st 5 days I had him he was exploring and climbing on everything and the 1st 4 nights he defecated, then he suddenly stopped. After 4 nights he finally defecated, but since then it has been 3 nights again. He hasn't been...