1. N

    Update: we caught him ❤️Gecko missing three weeks has been found but can’t reach him

    My 8 year old son has a leopard gecko who disappeared three weeks ago. We have taken apart furniture, appliances, set up worn and water spots throughout the house, etc. A few hours ago after three weeks (a long, tear-filled three weeks!), I saw him run across my son’s bathroom floor. I can’t...
  2. H

    Male or female

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if my gecko is Male or female? Not the greatest photos but he/she is super nervous haha. Thank you
  3. B

    New Leo Owner From Colorado

    Hi all. I'm a life long critter keeper and have just gotten into reptiles. After some reading I decided a Leo would be a good way to start, and got a male and female off Craigslist. They're sharing a 20g tank but it's still coming together. Soon, I'd like to have them in a bigger tank, and have...
  4. L

    New Leo owner!!!

    I've always wanted to own a reptile, and now I finally own my first Leopard gecko! I'm very psyched.:D I'm going to be asking questions the next few days. I did lots of research before I bought my leo, but I'm so anxious to get it right!
  5. R

    New Member here

    Hello all... I picked up a Leo from a local breeder at the repticon show this past weekend. I've never owned a Leo before but i've done quite a bit of research and I feel im going to love my animal. I originally purchased him for my 13 year old but it seems im just as involved as she is...
  6. S

    My leo is not eating

    My leo named spot who is around two years old (we think) stopped eating. She has been very healthy and was eating normally. A few mealworms every day and some waxworms every once in a while. She shed a while ago and it was stuck on her face and she wasn't eating. We got it off of her face but...
  7. LoveMyLeo

    New Leo Owner

    Hi guys, I'm Leese. I became the proud mummy of a beautiful mack snow (I think) a couple of months ago. His (I was told it's a male, but I know it's difficult to sex when they're young) name is Mojo and I'm totally in love with him. He's not used to handling yet, but we're slowly getting there...
  8. T

    Aggressive Leopard Gecko?

    She's 4 months old and I've had her for about 2 months. Her name is Kim. She was very calm, curious and sweet for about a month... the last month she has been quite aggressive and today lunged at me 3 times. She's skittish too, moves her head quickly whenever I move my hand outside her...
  9. G


    leo hatchlings for sale all eating and shedding fine all hypo x £30 or best offer thanks Gemma
  10. meaghani

    WANTED Anyone in the BC area?

    I really want to purchase another leopard gecko. I'm not even picky about morph, I just know I want something besides another normal. Unfortunately, I can't really afford shipping as well as another gecko that will require its own setup, food, etc. Therefore, are there any BC, Canadian...
  11. G

    Cresty vs Leo

    I currently own one male leopard gecko named Dragon. He lives in a 20 gallon glass aquarium, with paper towel substrate. I would like to purchase a crested gecko. I have recently built a mostly screen app. 50 gallon top for it. At first I wanted to add a female crested gecko in with my leopard...