leopard gecko

  1. D

    Gecko Heating Help

    So I have a UTH, which gets the floor to about 93 degrees on the hot side, but the air temperature is a little cooler than I'd prefer (around 80 degrees). I had a 75W infrared bulb that shouldn't have disrupted their circadian rhythm, but it made the floor too hot (around 105 degrees). I want to...
  2. P

    Adult Female Tangerine Leopard Gecko

    She's $75 and can either be picked up locally, in central Illinois, or shipped for $45. The pictures that I took with my iPhone won't upload so I'm trying to figure out how to post the pictures of her. Thanks!
  3. A

    New gecko fan and owner!

    Hey all! I've recently just gotten into gecko's. They've always been interesting for me but never really got into them...until a few months ago. I started out with a crested gecko, Keru, and have a bioactive vivarium for him. I just recently rescued a juvenile leopard gecko from someone I...
  4. R

    HELP My leopard gecko has a black scab on its bottom lip is it mouth rot

    this is lolli she has a scab on her mouth it does not come off when i rub it with a wet paper towel and it seems like its painful she is housed with a male and theyve been fighting or is it a burn or is it mouth rot
  5. R

    Gecko needs a new home - Plymouth Minnesota

    I've been really busy lately and it's getting harder to take care of him/her. 4 years old. Gecko is free along with plastic transport. If you want the tank and accessories it will be $25 Tank, Light, Cricket Cage & supplies, Spritzer, half log, plastic tree, driftwood, Mayan hideaway. Plastic...
  6. N

    Leopard Gecko Breeding

    Hi I just had some questions about breeding leopard gecko's, This will be my first year breeding Leopard Gecko's . So far I have a Male Albino, Female Bold Stripe, and Female Funky Jungle Snow Bell ph Eclipse(starting to ovulate). The problem is I am not positive on what strain of Albino my male...
  7. D

    brand new and excited

    hey :) i am a brand new gecko mom and also new to this forum about me: i'm from germany (so please excuse me if i don't use the proper terms for gecko-related things or mess up) i'm 33, working in a daycare/nursery about my geckos: i "adopted" a group of three young female leopard geckos (i...
  8. L

    Gecko Died in Transit

    Hey so I normally don't do things like this but I feel particularly desperate for some clarity or advice or really anything right now. I was taking care of a friends leo over the summer while they were away. She was perfectly happy and healthy and a real joy to have around and I grew very...
  9. M

    FREE Gecko to a good home, pickup only

    Cute 2 year old Leopard Gecko (his name is Karma), he's very chill and I love having him, but I can't take him to school with me and nobody else will care for him:( he has a 20 gallon tank, under tank heating pad, ecoearth substrate, 2 houses, water and food bowls, calcium supplements, the whole...
  10. PanJaster

    Everyone hate mondays

    Hope you are more active than me & my geckos this monday :)
  11. A

    HELP! Beginner Owner and Gecko not Eating

    Hi! I have a leopard gecko named Arrow and he is a few months old.He is getting pretty big. We only just upgraded his cage and we have yet to fill it up more. He currently sleeps all day and has stopped eating :( I am a beginner in not only Leopard Geckos but all lizards and I have a few...
  12. R

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO: Fresno, CA July 23-24, 2016

    Reptilian Nation Expo is now 2x a year in Fresno, CA. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arachnids sold by breeders directly to the public. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits! LOCATION Fresno Fairgrounds 1121 S. Chance Ave. Fresno, CA 93702 TICKETS Adult $10 Children (3-11) $7 VIP $25 (9am Sat...
  13. L

    Hello ^.^

    Hi ^^ my name is Lorie and this is dragon x3 thats the most up to date picture of him i have it was taken about a week ago, i'll be taking more after his shed thats happening today ^^ i met dragon february 5th 2015 he was so tiny! ^.^ just one pic of him when i first brough him home as of...
  14. J

    Tremper Sunglow Adult Female

    Adult Female Tremper Sunglow ready for breeding at 35 grams! Local pick-up only, Northeast Ohio. $100 PM or email at [email protected]
  15. J

    Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy Adult Female

    Adult Female Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy ready for breeding at 32 grams! Local pick-up only, Northeast Ohio. $100 PM or email at [email protected]
  16. T

    just got some leopard geckos, need some help...

    hey everyone, i am sure you have gotten a whole ton of these types of threads (and you are probably sick of answering all the questions they contain), but i want to make sure i am taking good care of my leopard geckos. today in the mail, i received one super snow and one high color. the super...
  17. F

    Hydrophobicity and Leopard Gecko Skin

    Here is a recent project we did about the leopard geckos skin's hydrophobic properties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnEmC-jomDk Thank you for all of your questions and the ongoing support. Best Regards, Mic(FunWithLife)
  18. A

    This girl needs some guidance!

    I am kind of lost but figuring things out here and there. I just started today on this forum because I want to learn more about my new babies. I just recently adopted two leopard geckos, Lilo & Stitch. I don't even know exactly what kind they are or how old they may be. So I really hope some...
  19. Shieldsy

    Hello! New to the forum, new to keeping geckos.

    Hi Geckoforums! I'm new to the ins and outs of keeping geckos - new to keeping reptiles in general, actually - and thought it would be a good idea to join a forum so I can learn and have a community to talk to about the subject. I own a juvenile leopard gecko named Leto (named after the...
  20. F

    My Largest Leopard Gecko watching some TV for Reptile Appreciation Day

    Happy Reptile Appreciation Day from Fun With Life!!! Here is one of our largest Leopard Geckos, Einstein, appreciating some quality television lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUftkovqTDA