leopard gecko

  1. L

    Leo rabdomly stopped eating almost has been 2 weeks!!

    Hey guys, so this is my first Leo I've had axolotls before but never a gecko and I've had this one for about 2 months I believe it is a female but not too sure, after the initial move in period she had a very healthy appetite around 10 small mealworms a day, then I fed her crickets for the first...
  2. Ty's Geckos

    Cohabbing 3 Geckos

    Hello! I cohab three female leopard geckos in a 34 gallon tank and am well aware of the individualistic behavior leopard geckos have in the wild. For the most part, my leopard geckos get along just fine with no fights and no visible signs of stress. My only concern is that (while not often) my...
  3. C

    Weird shed?

    I’ve had my leopard gecko for a couple of years and he’s never had a very bad shed. I’m a newbie to reptiles but I’ve never seen shed quite like this. It’s not flakey at all compared to the rest of him. It goes from normal colored to pale with no other signs of shedding. Found him like this in...
  4. G

    Geckie besties

    Hello! I joined because I have obtained 4 geckos within the past few months. (All seperate enclosures) Two leos, one crestie, and one fat tail. I would like to post pics of my crestie when I can get clear ones. He(?) Is 5 1/2 inches long and i believe 6 months? Id love if people could help...
  5. C

    Leopard gecko - vomiting

    Hi guys, I'm super scared now. Little Lovey the leopard has thrown up her mealworms three times in two weeks. The first time, she had eaten 10 and was just woofing them down so we thought maybe she had eaten too fast. She's otherwise acting normal. Her next feeds were fine and then about 8 days...
  6. E

    Alternatives to dubia roaches and crickets

    So I just got my leopard gecko, and for now I only have mealworms. I want to diversify my leos diet, but some of the commonly used feeders aren’t an option for me. My parents won’t allow crickets because of the noise/smell, and dubia roaches are illegal where I live. I’d like to know if there...
  7. L

    HELP, what's happening to my leopard geckos tail?

    so it's been a week and her tail looks like this now but in the other pictures thats how it looked like before. ive been applying antibitoic ointment because I was told to but i cant tell if its getting worse or if its healing. Does anyone know what this is?? The tip of one of her toes are black...
  8. xoxokcp

    Did this come out of or from my Leopard Gecko?

    Hi all, i’m back again and i was wondering if this is just a piece of the hide my gecko was in or if this came out of her? it wasn’t on her when i saw it, it was just near her. Thank you so much for reading p.s i am a hypochondriac, so when it comes to my baddie i am especially paranoid
  9. Eve.020020

    A little help to solve a puzzle please!

    Hi :) been meaning to join the forum for a long time but finally caved now Ive been faced with a conundrum! I’ve had my leopard gecko, Walnut, for exactly a year on the 10th of December and I’ve not been worried about him until this point... the thing is that he’s stopped pooping altogether...
  10. E

    Blind or Infected?

    My leopard gecko had a hard and long shed and she was just able to uncover her eyes after I was away for the weekend and unable to help her, I noticed that one eye was much lighter and looked like it had a film over it, I can't tell if it's infected or if it's already too late and she's blind.
  11. C

    Fat belly, thin tail?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and joined it hoping maybe some of you more experience leo owners could help. I have a 10-11 year old female leopard gecko named Jessie. She lives in a terrarium by herself. I keep it at around 90F. A few years ago she had the disease known as mouth rot...
  12. L

    Repti Carpet vs Eco Earth (substrate)

    Hello! I am hoping to adopt a Leo soon, and I’m wondering which is better? Does anyone have any experience with these, I’m planning to get a 20 gallon, maybe 30 gallon tank. Thanks!
  13. L

    Heat Mat + Product Recommendations?

    Hello, again! I am hoping to adopt a leopard gecko sometime, but first I am expanding my knowledge on them. Does anyone have any reliable heat mat or thermometers(probe??)that they recommend? thanks!
  14. Futureboundexe

    Help me plan the enclosure for my first Leo?

    So I got a big enclosure for free that’s 2.5x1.5x1.5 feet. The previous owner had a leopard gecko and with some research I’ve found this is a good size for a leo, and I’ve been wanting one since I was 5 so I think it’s time to start planning for one. I am slightly worried about the glass top...
  15. L

    Leopard Gecko Questions

    Hello! I am new to this forum, have some general questions about leopard geckos. I have never owned a reptile, although I have 2 dogs and a hamster. I am hoping to adopt a leopard gecko, but I need to convince my dad, and in order to do that I need to have some general knowledge. My questions...
  16. helfrichj

    Heating Mat Question/Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I have had my leopard gecko, Chauncey, for about two years, and I have had the same heat mat the entire time. I have a thermostat hooked up to it to control the temperature and keep it at 89 degrees F. However, lately it has not been getting above 84 which I know is too cold...
  17. M

    Noobie Questions!

    This is my first gecko Blaze. I bought this little guy from Petsmart about a month ago and they couldn't tell me much about this lizard. I don't know how old it is and i would like to know how i can tell the gender. Finally, if anyone can tell me what morph i have, i would highly appreciate it...
  18. Roul

    My Lovely Lady~

    (As a side note, her enclosure setup is much nicer now. This was when I first got her and I was somehow under the impression that she only needed two hides. She now has a fabulous cave with is her favorite.)
  19. ssScaleyCreations

    Mouth Rot? Or Scar Tissue?

    Hi everyone, this is my leopard gecko Tango (7mo male) and when I brought him home (1mo) he was full of bad shed wounds on his head, upper lip, and nose area. The worse of it was on his upper lip, though. I hoped that with each new shed it would become less and less apparent which was thankfully...
  20. Yas97

    Crooked back toe???

    Hi, so my leopard gecko just had his second shed yesterday he shed perfectly as I checked thoroughly but I noticed his back toe was crooked and looks bent I did touch to see if it’s sensitive but he just wobbles it back to the crooked shape, I’m worried. He has been laying in his cooler side for...