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  1. T

    Baby Mack Snow Leopard Gecko

    Perfectly Healthy Leopard Gecko. 2 months old. I am also selling other supplies along with it. Asking for $125, but I am flexible with the price. I will sell the gecko and supplies separately. ZIP 85143 Won't sell if more than 30 minutes away. Won't ship -Peter Manning
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    Hi, My neme is treavor!
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    Reverse stripe
  4. bigboy444

    Gecko only eating 1 bug and refusing others

    My 2 year old male leopard gecko just finished his treatment for pin worms. He wasn't eating much and had runny stools so he got 2 doses of panacur, his last one being on April 1st. Tonight he only ate one Dubia roach and is refusing any other food. He will see a insect, seem interested and then...
  5. FarAway9

    First trouble after 4 years

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and I hope some of you can help me. I got my leopard gecko four years ago. He was a rescued adult male, used for breeding, very thin and full of parasites. I took care of him and he is not a lively and chubby. About 10 days ago I had to rehome my milk snake due...
  6. S

    Leo might need a new home, what do I do?

    My 5 year old leopard gecko, Lena, hasn’t been eating lately and my parents think we need to rehome her. I got her from a breeder at a reptile convention when she was a few months old and she’s never had any problems except for not eating at times. Well, she’s had eyesight issues which affect...
  7. K

    Leo Gecko Eye Issues

    About your leo: - Female until proven otherwise - 6 monthsish 37.5g - owned for 2 months - Obtained at local reptile shop A) Health/History - handled Once a day - Eye seems to be swollen with black lining, used cotton swab to see if it was stuck shed but I believe that is actually a part of her...
  8. A

    What Type of Morph is This?

    I’m looking to figure out what type of morph this gecko is. I know it’s a leopard gecko. Believe it’s a marble hypo morph or super hypo. Can any1 help me figure out what type of this morph is? I can provide more photos if needed Photos don’t seem to be super high quality of the actual photo...
  9. H

    How is my leopard geckos health?

    Hi there! This is my first leopard gecko, and his name is Chaos. I’ve had him for roughly 7 months, and he’s about 7 and a half months old. I was wondering if he looked thin? Or if anything looked off? He’s not my first reptile, but I hope i’m doing well with him. I got him from a petsmart ( I...
  10. S

    Leopard Gecko Nail Ripped Off

    While holding my leopard gecko Zeke, I pulled him off my shirt and realized one of his nails was bleeding. It wasn’t completely ripped off, just futzed with enough to make bleed. All of his toes are there other than that, all of his nails, he’s a generally healthy weight, everything. Im just...
  11. L

    Leo rabdomly stopped eating almost has been 2 weeks!!

    Hey guys, so this is my first Leo I've had axolotls before but never a gecko and I've had this one for about 2 months I believe it is a female but not too sure, after the initial move in period she had a very healthy appetite around 10 small mealworms a day, then I fed her crickets for the first...
  12. Ty's Geckos

    Cohabbing 3 Geckos

    Hello! I cohab three female leopard geckos in a 34 gallon tank and am well aware of the individualistic behavior leopard geckos have in the wild. For the most part, my leopard geckos get along just fine with no fights and no visible signs of stress. My only concern is that (while not often) my...
  13. C

    Weird shed?

    I’ve had my leopard gecko for a couple of years and he’s never had a very bad shed. I’m a newbie to reptiles but I’ve never seen shed quite like this. It’s not flakey at all compared to the rest of him. It goes from normal colored to pale with no other signs of shedding. Found him like this in...
  14. G

    Geckie besties

    Hello! I joined because I have obtained 4 geckos within the past few months. (All seperate enclosures) Two leos, one crestie, and one fat tail. I would like to post pics of my crestie when I can get clear ones. He(?) Is 5 1/2 inches long and i believe 6 months? Id love if people could help...
  15. C

    Leopard gecko - vomiting

    Hi guys, I'm super scared now. Little Lovey the leopard has thrown up her mealworms three times in two weeks. The first time, she had eaten 10 and was just woofing them down so we thought maybe she had eaten too fast. She's otherwise acting normal. Her next feeds were fine and then about 8 days...
  16. E

    Alternatives to dubia roaches and crickets

    So I just got my leopard gecko, and for now I only have mealworms. I want to diversify my leos diet, but some of the commonly used feeders aren’t an option for me. My parents won’t allow crickets because of the noise/smell, and dubia roaches are illegal where I live. I’d like to know if there...
  17. L

    HELP, what's happening to my leopard geckos tail?

    so it's been a week and her tail looks like this now but in the other pictures thats how it looked like before. ive been applying antibitoic ointment because I was told to but i cant tell if its getting worse or if its healing. Does anyone know what this is?? The tip of one of her toes are black...
  18. xoxokcp

    Did this come out of or from my Leopard Gecko?

    Hi all, i’m back again and i was wondering if this is just a piece of the hide my gecko was in or if this came out of her? it wasn’t on her when i saw it, it was just near her. Thank you so much for reading p.s i am a hypochondriac, so when it comes to my baddie i am especially paranoid
  19. Eve.020020

    A little help to solve a puzzle please!

    Hi :) been meaning to join the forum for a long time but finally caved now Ive been faced with a conundrum! I’ve had my leopard gecko, Walnut, for exactly a year on the 10th of December and I’ve not been worried about him until this point... the thing is that he’s stopped pooping altogether...
  20. E

    Blind or Infected?

    My leopard gecko had a hard and long shed and she was just able to uncover her eyes after I was away for the weekend and unable to help her, I noticed that one eye was much lighter and looked like it had a film over it, I can't tell if it's infected or if it's already too late and she's blind.