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  1. T

    Is this mouth rot, please help.

    He’s been eating and drinking and being normal but hes skittish and always has been, but his mouth lately looks wrong in front!
  2. D

    Forget-me-not, safe for leo?

    Hello! I had been thinking of creating a plant-carpeted section in my leo's humid area, as it's currently living in a bioactive tank. Forget-me-nots are a really cute plant, and the internet has said it was non-toxic to humans, but there's no information on reptiles. This would be an...
  3. H

    URGENT: Rescued leopard gecko with signs of MBD and malnutrition

    Hello, I rescued a leopard gecko from a family member who was severely neglecting her. She's 10 months old. My cousin asked me for advice when his gecko was refusing to eat. I asked him for a picture and the attached photos are what he sent me. I told him to give me the gecko immediately so I...
  4. AM217

    Need identification of possible pest insect in bioactive vivarium

    I was shifting some of the substrate in my Leopard Gecko's bioactive vivarium around and noticed an insect I did not recognize. I Iooked up some common pest insects in bioactive vivariums and didn't find anything resembling what I saw. The only insects I purposefully added are springtails and...
  5. RyleeRellik

    Dark spot on leopard gecko belly

    Hi, I’m new to this forum, but I have 4 leopard geckos and one fat tail gecko. I’ve kept geckos for 7 years, but recently my female leo- Aqua. Seems to be impacted? There was no signs of anything 2 days ago but now there’s a very dark spot on her tummy as pictured here. The only other symptom is...
  6. I

    Gecko poop

    Hello! I’m a happy gecko mom of 3 leopard geckos. As a mom, I overanalyze everything (including my geckos poop!) We received our geckos in September when they were about 4-5 months old. They all act healthy: love to be held every night, shed normally, drink water, and eat regularly. However...
  7. skerrigan

    Steph and Jerry :)

    Hey everyone! Being new to owning a Leopard Gecko, I'm so glad and excited to have found this discussion forum!! My name is Steph and this is my pal Jerry :)
  8. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Juvenile Jerry
  9. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Hey guys :) I'm new to the Leopard Gecko community and would love for you all to meet my pal Jerry!
  10. Jupiter

    What morph and how old is he?

    Hey so I recently got a leopard gecko (dec 23, 2020,) from petsmart and I wanted to know how old and what morph he is. I think he's 1 month but I don't exactly know. I searched up one month old leopard gecko and he looks similar to them. Thanks! ~ PumkitDrawz
  11. Jupiter

    Meet me & Jupiter

    Hello! I'm am Pumkit, I run the YouTube channel PumkitDrawz. I love to do arts, music, and various other crafts. I own a cute cat named Barsic and a very smol lizard named Jupiter. I'm always up for a chat or some tips on taming, feeding, and generally taking care of leopard geckos. (I am a new...
  12. My lizard

    My lizard

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    So cute
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  15. Jupiter


  16. S

    Help! Is my gecko a leopard gecko or an albino tangerine stripe AFT gecko?

    I recently bought a leopard gecko from someone is south africa. They called her a female tangerine stripe leopard gecko and me being inexperienced with leopard geckos I believed the guy. But the more I research leopard geckos and aftican fat tailed geckos the more mine seems to be a albino...
  17. R

    Morph ID Help pls :)

    Can I have help identifying a few different leopard gecko morphs. I will be posting a few more pictures. Looking to breed them, when they come of age, just confused by what they are ahah!
  18. I

    Strange Breathing/Eyes squinting/Eyes shut

    [[VET ASAP]] I have never seen her this way and noticed just today Hiccup-like/Eyes squinting/Raising head all the way up once in awhile To give a more descript idea of what her breathing looks like: her sides are not flexing rapidly, the 'hiccuping' is not sudden but more like a pulse every...
  19. EricCartman

    What Is The Best Sand Substrate?

    I'm cleaning my leopard gecko's enclosure, and I want to know what the best sand substrate to use is. I have blue sand currently in her enclosure (I think it is called vita sand). When she walks around her feet look blue from the sand which I think is funny, but I want to know what sand is...
  20. EricCartman


    I feed my Leopard gecko mainly crickets as well as mealworms from time to time. I was wondering if it would be ok to feed her only mealworms for a couple of weeks as opposed to crickets. She loves mealworms and they are very easy to take care of. I know crickets have better nutritional value...