leopard gecko

  1. G


    Any ideas on the morphs? Pretty sure the one is a blizzard but wanted to double check...
  2. Kurisu

    What morph is my boy?

    I got this leopard gecko a few months ago and I think he's about ~5 months old now!
  3. B

    Terrarium suggestions

    I just got an adult female leopard gecko a few days ago and I'm hoping I could get some suggestions on what is and isn't set up correctly in the terrarium. This is everything I have right now: - 20 gallon glass tank - 6" x 8" UTH - Thermostat for UTH (set to 90 F at all times) - Terrarium liner...
  4. JadedGeckos

    How to socialise/ make your gecko comfortable with you

    So i wanna know if you guys have any tips or tricks to make your leos ''like'' you or atleast not hide all the time. sure some like to just lay in thier hide but sometimes it can be out of fear/uncertainty. as some might have seen ive gotten 2 new leos and they are abit timid towards me and i...
  5. A

    Unknown Sac In My Leopard Geckos Tank! Please Help!

    Hi I am new here and I wanted others advice and help on my leopard gecko. I owned my leopard gecko for about 3 years now and I have always thought it was a male until recently. About 2 weeks ago my leopard gecko refused to eat. It wouldnt take my gut loaded meal worms so i brought out the wax...
  6. G

    Unhealthy Leopard Gecko (Please Help ASAP!)

    Hello everyone! I hope one of you will be able to help me out as I don't have a reptile vet near me. I took them to the closest "exotic vet" which had no idea what to do. So I have two Leopard geckos which we will call A and B for privacy reasons. Both geckos are roughly 4 - 5 years I believe...
  7. JadedGeckos

    Two new family members!

    Finally got my two new cuties home after a 11 hr car ride... left picture is Terra ( for terrorist cus she is mad with food) a Tremper albino, Het eclipse Right picture is Mellow ( cus he is so chill and laidback with handling ) his morph is Raptor I hope i can breed them later next year and...
  8. C

    leo food preference change

    so ive had my leo for just over a week now. she was on a strictly mealworm diet and was eating mealworms all up until today. i fed her a cricket last feeding and she wiggled her tail in excitement and then stopped with mealworms. i had one last cricket left and thats all she would eat and turns...
  9. R

    Gecko isnt eating!

    Hi! my half a year old gecko hasnt been eating, I posted a thread on saturday about how he isnt good at catching his food. And now he's basically given up on eating! Its been 5 days since he's ate, every night I try to entice him to eat but he has no interest. Whether its dumping them in his...
  10. C

    any albino leo tips??

    so ive had my enclosure for a leo set for months and have done all my research and planned on getting a leo soon. turns out theres an expo in town tomorrow and one well loved leo breeder has all albinos. i didn’t previously intend on getting an albino leo but i researched and there isn’t really...
  11. JadedGeckos

    UVB lamp question

    So i just got these UVB bulbs https://www.krybdyrsiden.dk/uv-belysning/542-terra-exotica-compact-daylight-lavenergipaere-2pct-26w.html (tldr 2% 23Wat) and im wondering how far i should have them from my Gecko i have two albinos one Tremper albino and one RATPOR and i dont wanna burn thier...
  12. D

    My Leo lost the tip of her tail !

    Hi all, Recently I got a new female baby leopard gecko named her Carrot, and started off by letting her grow in her own vivarium but when she became an adult I set her with my other two female leopard geckos (which both of them get along fine) and after a week of them staying in the same...
  13. S

    Is my Baby Leopard Gecko Alright?

    Hello everyone, Recently one of my baby leopard geckos died and I am trying to make sure that my other leopard gecko is healthy. The other leopard gecko seems to be doing fine eating and pooping but it seems to be a pale pink color. It is a Mack snow raptor het murphys patternless so I wanted to...
  14. S

    Urgent Please Help Dead Baby Leopard Gecko

    Hello, I have 4 adult leopard geckos and recently two of my eggs had hatched. I had two beatiful baby leopard geckos and I was very happy. Today I checked one of baby leopard geckos container (6 quarts) to find a dead baby leopard gecko. I don't know what I did wrong so I will tell everything I...
  15. kspiers1127

    Photos Of Thomasin! (:

    Just some pictures of my sweet baby to brighten your day
  16. M

    Leopard gecko needs rehoming- completely free

    Hey all! I made an account to try to see if I can find someone who is willing to take my adult male leopard gecko. I love him very much but unfortunately due to both religious and personal reasonings I’m not able to care for him anymore. I’ve had him for a year and a half, but I got him from...
  17. kspiers1127

    help me sex my gecko!

    hello! I’m new here and I’m reaching out to see if anyone can help. I’m just wondering if anyone can help me sex my leopard gecko. I’m so confused and I can’t tell
  18. C

    Leopard Geckos - Unresponsive RI

    Hi! So, I have two leopard geckos: Luna & Weasley. I am desperate for help with what to do, here is the story: in early December I took Luna to the vet because I heard a slight click in her breath and was worried it was the start of an RI. The vet (who was clearly inexperienced and mishandled...
  19. Leppy nightlife lazy position❤️

    Leppy nightlife lazy position❤️

    My baby leppy basking in the night lol people don’t like the red Lights but my leppy only comes outs if it’s red.
  20. K

    Help starting a leopard gecko terrarium

    Hello all! And happy saturday to those that read it today. i am currently amidst setting up what I hope will be the perfect environment for 2 female leopard geckos. Right now I have a 40 gallon terrarium with a basking & uvb light on respective sides of the tank - on a timer for 12 hours - and...