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  3. Maplense

    Leopard gecko eye issue help

    I have a male leopard gecko that I’ve had for almost three years now. Just recently noticed his left eye almost looks as if his pupil and iris and separated from his eye?? I’ve attached some videos to this. I’ve looked all over online and haven’t found anything similar. Please help i just want...
  4. 1

    Help! My leopard gecko has a swollen red bump at his mouth :(

    My leopard gecko of 1 year + has a red bump at one side of his mouth and it appears swollen. I'm not sure what it is and wondering if anyone would know why this is happening? I'm only using tissue paper as my substrate and I usually feed him mealworms with calcium and vitamins. Is this mouthrot...
  5. B

    Having an Eye issue

    A few days ago my gecko went through a bad shed - so excuse the photo, she's currently soaking. I had taken her to the vet because one eye had a stuck eye retainer and the other had a piece of a shed that had her eye stuck shut. When I tried to gently remove it, pus was coming from it and she...
  6. Z

    Can I use potting soil and eco earth together for my leopard?

    I have only heard of some that have done this, I've done a ton of research but haven't found very much, therefore I concluded that this website would be a huge help. Has anyone heard of/done this of placing potting soil under eco earth for small plants such as succulents? I know that succulents...
  7. L

    Trying to find breeders

    Hello, I am trying to find out if there are any breeders in my area and am having the worst time trying to find any information, does anyone have any recommendations? I’m in North Carolina.
  8. G

    Update on Fred's health!

    Hello all! Back about a few months ago, I posted that my gecko had been having trouble with his fingers, her shed would get stuck on them! Though a few of her fingers are missing from many years of previous owners not taking well enough care of her fingers, she should never lose more fingers...
  9. N

    please help,idk what to do

    hello, i keep my leopard gecko, sparky, in a tank on top of my desk. he’s a juvenile, so he’s kinda small. yesterday, my dad was moving it and didn’t see his heating rock plugged in and my poor gecko fell to the floor and got smushed by his rock. he’s alive and alright, but he won’t walk on his...
  10. G

    Sexing my Leopard Gecko?

    Hello all, I've had my Leopard Gecko, Fred, for years. When we got them, the clerk at the pet store didn't know it's gender, though I assume that's because it was fairly young when we got them. I was wondering if anyone could help sex my Leopard Gecko? If better pictures are needed, I will...
  11. X

    Is this even possible? *genetics discussion*

    I think I may have a hatched out a hypo, but the parents aren’t hypo? I won’t be able to tell until adulthood, but so far it’s only developed 5 small dark spots, and 3 small lighter ones. The dam (3rd pic) is unknown origin, I got her from an ex co worker, and the sire (2nd) is supposedly a...
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  13. L

    Substrate choices

    Hi all, I have a 3 year old Leo (called Gaia). I’ve always used the green matting stuff as substrate but I really don’t like it. Her claws and mouth (when she catches a cricket) seem to get stuck and I’m worried it’ll cause her an injury. What do you all use? What would you recommend? Thanks...
  14. JSReptilesUK


    Just thought I'd drop a little hello - my partner and I have been keeping reptiles for coming up to eight years now but only recently started joining some of the forums as never really thought about it before! I've attached some of our gecko gang for you all to see :) Left to right: Zilla the...
  15. R

    my leopard gecko wont eat

    i have a 1 year old leopard gecko i got last month on craigslist. Her warm and cold sides of the tank are at the correct temperature. she weighs 64gm and looks healthy so im worried as to why shes only eaten 5 mealworms and 5 hornworms. what can i do to get her to eat ive tried cutting the worms...
  16. D

    Gecko Heating Help

    So I have a UTH, which gets the floor to about 93 degrees on the hot side, but the air temperature is a little cooler than I'd prefer (around 80 degrees). I had a 75W infrared bulb that shouldn't have disrupted their circadian rhythm, but it made the floor too hot (around 105 degrees). I want to...
  17. P

    Adult Female Tangerine Leopard Gecko

    She's $75 and can either be picked up locally, in central Illinois, or shipped for $45. The pictures that I took with my iPhone won't upload so I'm trying to figure out how to post the pictures of her. Thanks!
  18. A

    New gecko fan and owner!

    Hey all! I've recently just gotten into gecko's. They've always been interesting for me but never really got into them...until a few months ago. I started out with a crested gecko, Keru, and have a bioactive vivarium for him. I just recently rescued a juvenile leopard gecko from someone I...
  19. R

    HELP My leopard gecko has a black scab on its bottom lip is it mouth rot

    this is lolli she has a scab on her mouth it does not come off when i rub it with a wet paper towel and it seems like its painful she is housed with a male and theyve been fighting or is it a burn or is it mouth rot
  20. R

    Gecko needs a new home - Plymouth Minnesota

    I've been really busy lately and it's getting harder to take care of him/her. 4 years old. Gecko is free along with plastic transport. If you want the tank and accessories it will be $25 Tank, Light, Cricket Cage & supplies, Spritzer, half log, plastic tree, driftwood, Mayan hideaway. Plastic...