leopard geckos

  1. D

    Blood on my male leopard gecko's tail

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask if this is something I need to be concerned about. This gecko was living a really healthy life. His tail now shrunk a bit since he was overweight and now I find some blood on his tail... washed him up and there are no "cuts" and it isn't too deep of a wound. Is this...
  2. S

    When Did Your Leopard Gecko Stop Producing Good Eggs? Most Eggs from One Female?

    For any of the breeders who have older Leopard Geckos, I was wondering about what age did your Leopard Gecko stop producing fertile eggs. Also, another question if you want to answer it what are the most eggs you've ever had one female produce in one Season.
  3. S

    First hatchling

    Hello everyone, I recently hatched my first two leopard geckos and I want to know how to raise them as effectively as possible. I have put the two in seperate 6 quart containers with a paper towel roll, a small water dish, and some calcium on the paper towel. Is there anything else that I can...
  4. K


    Hi everyone, Ive had my leo for nearly a month now, hes only a baby baby (2.5 months/3 months). He's had shedding problems since day 1 due to poor husbandry where he was kept before but hes getting much better. Is this shed in his eye or is it another issue?? Please help -Kay
  5. T

    Two new Leopard Geckos with... weird behavior?

    Hi guys! I’m new to reptile ownership in general, but I’ve done a lot of research over the past six months and I’m pretty sure I have general care... down-ish. I know what vitamins and different types of calcium to use, what feed to give them, what their environment needs. They’re both lovely...
  6. F

    Gecko Lover

    Hello Everyone, I have had gecko's since 2013 I started off with a giant female and then I got a male and the next year the female had her first clutch and sadly only one survived. The following year she laid her second clutch and two amazing female geckos hatched. I got another female some...
  7. B

    2015 Super Hypo W/Y Leopard Geckos Available Now!

    2015 Super Hypo W/Y Leopard Geckos Available Now! Incubated to be Females You are purchasing the actual gecko pictured! #1549 - 8grams $150+ Shipping Click Here To Purchase: Super Hypo W/Y Leopard Gecko-1549 ? BHB Reptiles #1519 - 6 grams $150 + Shipping Click Here To Purchase...
  8. Ginger Snap

    Hello! Newly adopted leopard geckos!

    Hi! We just adopted two leopard geckos! The look healthy and from what I've read so far they don't seem to be stressed from the move. The habitat is rather blah right now but came with a heating lamp so we went and got a red night bulb for now. I also think their current hide looks rather small...
  9. F

    Leopard Geckos Can See RED LIGHT! Watch this video for proof.

    I made this video to show people that nighttime red bulbs can affect leopard gecko day/night light cycles. Check out the channel for more great videos about my experience with reptile expos, breeders, and more! Thanks for checking out my post! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-ewvpNi9Y
  10. L

    Trade or buy, for adult male leopard gecko any morph. Or trade for female

    Looking for a reasonably cheap adult male either for purchase or in a trade for a 1 year old female hypo-tangerine carrot tail baldy. Come with offers worse I can say is no.
  11. B

    The Ideal leopard Gecko Terrarium: a Zookeeper's Thoughts

    Hi All, Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularius) possess distinct personalities, accept handling, are easy to breed, do not require UVB radiation and are content with modestly-sized terrariums – surely as close to a “perfect reptile pet” as one can imagine. However, while some have reached...
  12. L

    Picking up geckos at the SD super show? Get discount tickets and coupons here!

    Get your tickets to the San Diego Super Show early! Starting TODAY (June 5th) while supplies last, buy your tickets at any LLLReptile store and get $2 off admission for adults, and $1 off for kids! You also get instant access to the show - no need to wait it a super long line to buy...
  13. T

    or trade Ball pythons

    All my animals are 100% Healthy and Feeding regularly on frozen thawed Rats. Payments are done through PayPal. Pictures can be sent through E-mail What I have: - Late 2011 Granite Pastel Female 800+ grams $450 shipped - 2012 High blush Mojave Male 187 grams - 2012 High orange Dinker...
  14. H

    Two females and feeder colony

    Hello, I need to sell my Female and unconfirmed (1 Blizzard and 1 Mack Snow*the unconfirmed gender) both are under a year and show great potential as breeders. (Pictures on request by PM) Cages and supplies also available. A meal worm colony that is going strong is also for sale as I have...
  15. S

    Huge Gecko Sale

    we have a few leopard geckos and african fat tails available. all are feeding well on mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, superworms. no nips on any of our leopard geckos. 100% healthy purchase 2 geckos and get 1 gecko 1/2 off! this is only for a limited time! Shipping is $35-$45 some...
  16. S

    Jungle Tremper Female

    available is a jungle tremper female. feeding well on dubias and mealworms. More leos for sale on our Facebook page. will give discount on multiple purchases. $80+shipping Shipping is $35-$45 you can email me for more information at [email protected] like us on Facebook to...
  17. S

    All Morphs $20ea

    we have 30 leopard geckos for sale. all range from 1-4 months. all feeding well on mealworms and are ready for their new homes. some morphs in the group: SHTCT,Mack Snows,Jungles,Bold,Tangerines. most of the tangerines and shtct are giants $20ea+shipping email me at [email protected]
  18. ShadowGecko

    Greetings From Michigan

    Hello I'm Sam, I'm 19 and from Dearborn MI. I have been doing my research on Leopard geckos for a few years now. I have bought a few books about them and some also on reptile genetics. I want to eventually get in to breeding and decided to join a forum to get advice from some others who also...
  19. T

    large group of breeder Leos for sale

    I have a large group of Leos for sale, I am investing more time into my ball pythons and would like to get these beautiful animals to someone who can care for them and possibly profit from them as a business. Below is a list of what I have available. They are all adult breeders. Tremper...
  20. S

    8 Lot for $100 + shipping

    selling a 8 lot of leopard geckos. all eating mealworms dusted with calcium. mack snow albino, high yellows, tangerine, trempers. all are 1-3 months old. males and females. email me for pics, files are to large to upload. pictures are now uploaded on website thanks for looking, Website-...