1. S

    My Dramatic Fat-tailed Gecko Finally Likes Mealworms!

    I got my baby fat tail when he was 3mo old (named Breakfast ♥) and he is now 7mo old. Right from the get-go the only thing I was able to get him to eat were crickets - which I didn't mind but I wanted him to get a variety of insects so he could get all the nutrients from different foods. Also...
  2. Z

    Eating too much?

    I seem to have a very hungry gecko! I've had him for over 2 weeks now and he's doing greats so far! He was eating right away, didn't mind my hand inside the viv at all, and overall seems really happy. He's a very curious gecko and loves being handled. Everytime I walk into the room, he comes...
  3. S

    Not Interested in Mealworms?

    Hello, I am new to this forum as well as the gecko world. This past Saturday I found a small leopard gecko hiding in my trailer. I live in a mountainous area so it was very cold, I'm not sure where he came from and how he was still alive. I took him in, and that afternoon bought a 10 gallon...
  4. S

    newb attending ^_^ aslo, my one real question

    Hello, I'm Snowlady! I have had Leos for about 5 years now, and just started raising my own meal-worms for the spoiled little ladies. I have come in search of advice pertaining the meal worm part of it all. Q: If the meal worms eat baking soda, can you still feed those worms to the...
  5. Phat Jack Farm

    Dubias and Mealworms For Sale

    Phat Jack Farms is a new feeder farms in Texas! Stop by and check out our dubias and mealworms. We will be expanding our product line to offer other worms soon! You can check us out at
  6. G

    Need urgent help to nurse stowaway common house gecko back to health!

    So my hubby and I were astonished to find a rather stunned-looking common house gecko in our toiletries bag when we were unpacking our luggage today, after a trip to Thailand. I'm not sure who was more surprised - us or the gecko. He is about 10cm long, a dark brown-bluish colour, and I'm...
  7. L

    Crickets, mealworms, roaches and more!

    Your one stop shop to get all the feeder insects you need! Special note on crickets for this week: SPECIAL NOTE - PLEASE READ!!!!!!! Our cricket farm is playing catch up with their breeding stock. Because of this - ANY order placed for live crickets between now and Monday morning will...
  8. axolotltoast

    Lots and lots of mealies

    Hey fellas, my beetle farm is going nuts and I've been wanting to start selling the occupants for a while now. I can take orders with these guidelines in mind: 100 - $3 500 - $5 1000 - $10 2000 - $16 I can also add a few beetles if anybody wanted. They can be shipped for $5 or $11 depending...
  9. westcoastroaches

    Small Dubia Package For Sale - $20

    225 small dubia + 2 female + 1 male + 10% over count for only $20. Any question please send an email. Thanks!