1. W

    Fiji pair

    Just chillin, basking before lunch
  2. C

    Pair of White & Yellow Designers

    IDs: F1-3-15 & BB1-5-15 Male on left / Female on right White and Yellow Designer Pair - Sold Only as a Pair Male born on 7/16/15 and Currently weighs 91 grams Female born on 9/26/15 and Currently weights 86 grams $220 Shipped for Pair. Craig 509-808-1611 Check us out at 'CNS Geckos' on...
  3. acpart

    Goldie and Rubio

    I just put a pair of gold and rose colored super dalmatians together in a new 18x18x24 Exo-terra (I have plenty of empty cages if this combo doesn't work out) for next season breeding. I never thought I'd ever breed cresties, but I'm going to try out this pair and see what i get: Aliza