1. K

    Phelsuma klemmeri colouration

    Hi I have bought two Phelsuma klemmeri from different owners. The one that should have been a female, but obviously is a male, has a very dull colouration. The colour is light blue (sky) WITHOUT any real glow/shine - unlike my other male. I suspect that the previous owner did not provide UVB...
  2. Iris and sage

    Iris and sage

    My peacock day pair. Iris and Sage. Such beautiful geckos!
  3. Iris


    Iris! My beautiful girl. She's a female peacock day gecko. She's never shy and loves to be the center of attention. Whenever she hears voices she comes running up to the glass.
  4. Sage


    Peacock day gecko male, Sage
  5. Topaz


    Neon day gecko hatchling, Topaz
  6. Sage


    Male peacock day gecko
  7. R

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO: Fresno, CA July 23-24, 2016

    Reptilian Nation Expo is now 2x a year in Fresno, CA. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, and Arachnids sold by breeders directly to the public. Venomous Snakes Shows and Exhibits! LOCATION Fresno Fairgrounds 1121 S. Chance Ave. Fresno, CA 93702 TICKETS Adult $10 Children (3-11) $7 VIP $25 (9am Sat...
  8. R


    Reptilian Nation Expo is now 2x a year and is being held at the Fresno Fairgrounds in Fresno, CA on July 23 (10am-6pm) and July 24 (10am-5pm), 2016. Come see 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and supplies for sale to the public at below retail prices! Buy directly from well known...
  9. P

    Panther Gecko and Day Gecko together

    Alright I'm new to the forums but not to reptiles, I've kept numerous lizards and frogs over the years and I'm extremely interested in a mixed terrarium. The general consensus from other threads seems to be that it only works if specific criteria are met. These criteria usually include not...
  10. G

    Phelsuma laticauda Coloration question

    I've been thinking about setting up a biotope terrarium for a pair of gold dust day geckos and while I've been looking through every video of captive gold dust day geckos I came across something consistent with the coloration of the specimens. I have noticed that captive Phelsuma Laticauda lack...