1. Maddieh61902


    Hello everyone ! My name is maddie and I currently have 3 reptiles and one amphibian . I have two leopard geckos , both rescues , my first leopard gecko is a normal morph he is 6 years old and I’ve had him since he was a baby his name is yoshi . My second leo is a rescue with mbd and he is just...
  2. L

    Rescue Leo

    Hello! I need help aging my new rescue leopard gecko. I named him Loki and I got him from a lady that said he was a Diablo Blanco. He is a male but I’m having trouble figuring out his age to know how often to feed him. I have hornworms and mealworms and he’s a fantastic eater but I don’t want to...
  3. New rescue

    New rescue

    Welcome to the Leo family Neri! Your own 20 gallon tank is coming soon!
  4. LoveReps

    Terrible craiglist gecko owners.

    I am not new to the occasional Craigslist ad of poorly cared for animals being sold here, in fact, I aim to rescue leos that have been subjected to bad husbandry so they have a chance at a better life. I am making this thread just to rant about these Craigslist gecko owners. I never rant to the...
  5. L

    Rescued a leopard gecko

    Hello, I have never owned a reptile before and rescued a leopard gecko with little known history. He/she is about 6in long and weighs 23 or 27grams (I forgot exactly although it’s in my chart at the vet). Also the tail is skinny too in my opinion. Vet thinks relatively healthy and has some...
  6. F


    I'm Holly, and I currently live in Atlanta. I own 8 leopard geckos, I rescue/adopt them only. I'm not very interested in breeding or collecting, just rescuing as a hobby. Sadly i'm not super interesting. I just have interesting geckos with amazing stories. I actually came here to find a...
  7. Crewdog00

    New from CT!

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to introduce my self. My name is James and I'm from CT. I am not new to reptiles, but I am new to Leopard Geckos. I wasn't even looking to get one, but I had done a lot of research on them and Bearded Dragons. Long story short... God put this new guy in my life for a...