1. Deko Gecko

    2017 Dreamsicle (Male) - 250.00 + Shipping/

    For Sale! Proven breeder Male Bought From - GeckoEct. (Steve Sykes) 2017 Full Red Ruby Eyes Great Breeder. Ready to Ship! Power House! - MackSnow / Tremper / Eclipse / Enigma! 250.00 + Shipping/ - Paypal
  2. L

    Super snow female

    Hello, I have a juvenile super snow female. I can sell her with her juvenile 10 gallon setup(tank, screen lid, reptile carpet and non adhesive shelf liner, water dish, food dish, repashy plus calcium, leftover food(live), warm hide, cold hide, humid hide, leaf decor, under tank heating pad and...
  3. T

    Tokay gecko morphs for sale

    I have for sale. 1.1 Patternless Powder Blue 1.2 Calico/Pied 1.1 Blue Granite 1.1 Super Red Please only serious inquiries Email- [email protected]
  4. Neon Aurora

    2016 Male Rainwater Albino

    From Raining Redstripe lines Hatch Date: 8/5/16 Weight: 51 g $80 More available at Contact us for questions or to arrange purchase at [email protected]
  5. kkigs


    My most popular sale is back! During the month of December, buy any two leopard geckos, and receive a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shipping is $40, no matter how many geckos you purchase. See all available animals on my website, Shipping windows are small...
  6. C

    Hey guys, here are some of our Crestedgecko.

    Just some of our breeding animals for season 2016 Also our first hatchling of season 2016 has born last week, all other new borns we will post on the website, as well as the breeding projects we are working on and the Gecko's for sale. Also we share lots of info on keeping this species on our...
  7. P


    I am looking for 1 MALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO and 1 FEMALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO. Will PAY. Please reply if you have any Mack Snow Bell Albinos OR know if someone has them. :) THANK You. :D
  8. Red Eyed Three

    Tangerine Amel African Fat Tail Geckos

    We have some beautiful little Tangerine Amel Fatties available. They are unsexed Juveniles. They are 96 dollars each, plus shipping. To order, email [email protected] and include the ID of the individual you are interested in (located in the picture) Or utilize the secure order form...
  9. Red Eyed Three

    Chinese Cave Geckos - Goniurosaurs

    Hello, We have some great CBB Chinese Cave Geckos available. Both are previous hold-backs and produced by Red eyed Three. First two photos: Young male, wonderful coloration and patterns. Just under one year old. Second group of photos: Adult Male, Great coloration and some broken banding on...
  10. S

    Leopard Geckos for sale in michigan

    I have a few blizzards and a few wild type leopard geckos for sale in south eastern Michigan. They are all one year or younger. If you are interested please email me at [email protected] I will take some new pictures of the larger ones tomorrow, so let me know if you would like to see...
  11. L

    HUGE Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming!

    As always - we will be having Black Friday deals in all 4 of our retail stores in Southern California along with awesome Cyber Monday deals online! Some general stuff that will be on the specials list: Temp guns heat bulbs UVB bulbs misting systems thermostats Vision products bedding gift...
  12. L

    LLLReptile Golden Ticket Grand Prize Drawing!

    Ready to hear who wins the free trip for 2 to NARBC Tinley THIS October?? If you're in Southern California, come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside to see the winner drawn LIVE at 7:30 pm! Not local? No problem! Click here to see the drawing streamed LIVE - that's at 7:30 pm, PST...
  13. Palor

    Hour Old Hatchlings!

    Adorable newly hatched amel aft's :)
  14. S

    Gecko for sale....

    not sure on the line of it. somehow we ended up having a surprise baby gecko and don't have room for him. i thought we had females only butt... found an egg and hatched it and boom one baby gecko hes pretty chill, and loves to jump. He has wicked eyes with cream colored and red. he is about to...
  15. G

    leopard geckos NEED to sell

    2.0 mack snow %100 het murphys patternless and tremper 0.1 tremper albino 0.1 hypo poss carrot tail. also have a male reduced hypo reverse stripe hes 75-80 grams. =] make offers NEED to sell because i have no space. text me for pics and let me know which ones
  16. L

    Leopard Gecko's for Sale

    I have two leopard geckos but I have to get rid of them due to the fact that I am moving. They are still under a year so they aren't fully grown. I have a boy (Achilles) and girl (Cleopatra). The girl is a tangerine and about 4 inches. The boy is standard leopard gecko color and is about 6...
  17. Palor

    Amel AFT's

    Now for sale Amel AFT babies!!!! $125 each + shipping, also 1 nice tangerine amel AFT for $175 + shipping. PM with any questions. More pics here:
  18. E

    Is anyone selling a Female G. hainanensis Chinese Cave Gecko

    found one, can you please delete post i dont know how to on these forums
  19. L

    Tons of Breeding Size adult female gecko morphs!

    Current List of available Leopard Geckos! Adult Albino Mack Snow $99 - female - exact gecko pictured! Adult Enigmas $99 - females Adult Enigma Leopard Gecko - YouTube Adult Bell Albinos w/ Regrown Tails $59.99 - females Adult Super Snow Bell Albino w/ Regrown Tail $79.99 -...
  20. L

    LLLReptile Oceanside GRAND OPENING!

    We're celebrating the new Oceanside store with a HUGE Grand Opening Celebration! Tons of specials, swag, and more - check it out: SPECIALS All Animals 20% OFF All Weekend! All Reptile Products 20% OFF Store wide (Excludes special orders and caging) All Cages 10% OFF Store wide (Vision...