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    Super snow female

    Hello, I have a juvenile super snow female. I can sell her with her juvenile 10 gallon setup(tank, screen lid, reptile carpet and non adhesive shelf liner, water dish, food dish, repashy plus calcium, leftover food(live), warm hide, cold hide, humid hide, leaf decor, under tank heating pad and...
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    New to Cresteds

    While I am new to Crested keeping, I am not new to herps in general. I am looking to get some basic setup recommendations. Mainly, I have the viv, I just need live plant recommendations for planting the tank. And recommended heat/light setups. Also, if someone has a easy DIY plans for a mister...
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    Juvenile Veiled Chameleon for Sale

    I got Vivid about four months ago, he's a veiled chameleon. And while I love him so much, I have to give him away. I am not experienced enough to care for him, i.e. I have memory loss and cannot keep up with daily tasks well. I tried hard to give him what he needs, but I keep forgetting. I think...
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    Crested Gecko Setup

    Hey everyone. I've made some posts here and their but I wanna get all my other questions answered here. Please only leave a reply if you're knowledgeable about the questions asked. I got my crested gecko three days ago and I've run into some small problems. Hopefully I can get them sorted out so...