sick leopard gecko

  1. B

    9 month old Leopard not eating

    Hi all, This is my first post on here! I’m just posting because I’ve had my leopard gecko for 6 months now and over the last few weeks he’s started eating a lot less and hiding more in his cold cave, he eats once every 4 days or so and it’s usually a morioworm and a couple of mealworms...
  2. Leah_6666

    Gecko's eye closed shut (help)

    My Leopard Gecko Davey has been shedding but I'm afraid that it's stuck in his eye? I'm a new gecko owner and I don't have money for vet stuff, so how can I help his eye? It's kind of crusted over a little, but it's only been this way for a little while. I want to be able to help him :( Any...
  3. L

    Leo rabdomly stopped eating almost has been 2 weeks!!

    Hey guys, so this is my first Leo I've had axolotls before but never a gecko and I've had this one for about 2 months I believe it is a female but not too sure, after the initial move in period she had a very healthy appetite around 10 small mealworms a day, then I fed her crickets for the first...
  4. N

    Last Resort

    Hello! First post here, my name is Morgan, I’m 18, and my little Leo’s name is Romeo. He’s my first Leo, but not my first exotic. I don’t know the character limit on these posts, but I need your guys’ help, so I’m going to attach a link to a tumblr post about him that explains what’s going on.
  5. C

    Leopard Geckos - Unresponsive RI

    Hi! So, I have two leopard geckos: Luna & Weasley. I am desperate for help with what to do, here is the story: in early December I took Luna to the vet because I heard a slight click in her breath and was worried it was the start of an RI. The vet (who was clearly inexperienced and mishandled...
  6. G

    Please Help! Confused. (skinny tail)

    Hi! I've had my female leopard gecko for about 9 years now. She's always been happy and healthy, until now. For about a couple months her tail hasn't been able to gain weight at all. Her belly is not skinny, just her tail. I repeat, her body is rather fat, but her tail is abnormally skinny. She...