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    Is a reptile mat alright?

    I was reading a book last night called, "Leopard Gecko Manuel." It said that more substrate provides more heat? I planed in doing a reptile mat, is this okay?
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    Brand new to geckos

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I completely new to the gecko world. I ordered a fat tail gecko from geckodaddy and it will be here on Tuesday the 20th. I am getting her home ready now. I would love any suggestions. I want to make her home just perfect for her. I have a tank, two hiding...
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    Electric Blue Gecko Help

    i was thinking of getting some of these, but was wondering about substrate, tank size, and housing with other species. i heard the substrate could simply be paper towel but i want confirmation. also can they be housed with other species? i heard some other dwarf geckos of similar habitats like...