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    Help starting a leopard gecko terrarium

    Hello all! And happy saturday to those that read it today. i am currently amidst setting up what I hope will be the perfect environment for 2 female leopard geckos. Right now I have a 40 gallon terrarium with a basking & uvb light on respective sides of the tank - on a timer for 12 hours - and...
  2. H

    18x18x12 or 12x12x18 for Gargoyle Gecko?

    I just asked recently on another, busier, gecko forum but I love some variety so let's ask here too. I've been interested in getting a gargoyle gecko for over a year now, and I currently have the opportunity to get an exo terra for only $40 which seems like a wonderful deal to me. I have two...
  3. T

    Help lower humidity in naturally humid climate!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and a soon to be first time leapord gecko owner. I have been doing research for a few weeks now, and slowly assembling all the equipment I will need as an owner, as well as creating a cozy terrarium for my new friend before s/he arrives. My main concern is...
  4. K

    Building a viv

    I have 2 crested geckos that have been living together for about 4 or 5 years now and figured it would be fun to upgrade their enclosure. I have an 18x18x24 exo tera and want to do a full custom build on it. Problem is, I have never done a terrarium build before, and so I need some info on how...
  5. D

    Helping my beardie calm down

    hello all! i just adopted my first beardie! she's 5 and she's really beautiful! however, moving and being put into a new terrarium (i got her from a private owner, they had a baby and couldn't keep the beardie any more) seems to have stressed her quite a bit she's gone wild at the glass front...
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    what to put into this terrarium

    hey! i really hope this is the right place to ask this (if not, i'm sorry!) so, basically, i have one "spare" wooden corner terrarium (it originally was supposed to be for my cresties, but i got it used and i think it's not as waterproof as i hoped) this is it since it's mostly wood (even...
  7. M

    Setting up a heat lamp for my crestie

    Hello all! I got my first reptile pet, a crested gecko named Lunari, back in August. In the summer time our inside temperatures were warm enough for her but now it's winter (Nebraska winter, brrrrrr), and I'm needing to set up some sort of heat lamp for her. However, I've read that...
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    Hi everyone, nice to finaly join the community. Here are some photos.

    Hello, I found out about this forum just a few days ago from Bryan form Snakebites :D . I looked arround a bit and I finaly decided to join. I have allways been pasionate about animals and reptiles in particular and a few months ago I got my first leopard gecko that I like to call Leopold. He's...
  9. F

    Crested Gecko Setup

    Hey everyone. I've made some posts here and their but I wanna get all my other questions answered here. Please only leave a reply if you're knowledgeable about the questions asked. I got my crested gecko three days ago and I've run into some small problems. Hopefully I can get them sorted out so...
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    Crested Gecko Housing?

    So I will be getting a crested gecko in a few weeks. I don't know how old they are at Pet Smart but they look like babies or juveniles. If I'm housing 1 can I keep it in a large KK until it's a sub adult and then move him/her to a 18" x 18" x 24" terrarium? O and what weight in grams would...
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    Crestie Terrarium

    Good afternoon! I have a crestie, probably about ~7-8 inches in length. Currently, she is living in a 12x12x18 Zoo Med tank. I decided it is time for an upgrade and the tank is getting small for her. I decided I wanted to build my own tank! I went to my brothers, who has all the tools! Bought...
  12. T

    which tank is better to use for a garg?

    hey guys i have a 20 gallon long and a 12x12x18. which one would be better for a garg? i'm thinking the 20 but what do you guys think? also is there any other rhacs i should consider getting? i already have a crested shes living happy in a zoomed 18x18x24. lol thanks for your time everyone
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    Introducing Cascade Vivarium Builders

    I am proud to announce the public opening of Cascade Vivarium Builders, a collaboration between long-time hobbyists Jeff Rassmann and Tony Casler, as well as myself, Charles Lanfear. CVB is a glass habitat fabrication company nestled in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, committed to providing...