1. G

    Lump on Tokay Gecko?

    I just got a new tokay gecko about a week ago from my local repticon (all I know is she's a female wild caught tokay and they had already been treating her for worms) and she looked fine when I got her but suddenly she's developed a a large lump on her neck and I have no idea what it is. She...
  2. J

    Need help with large enclosure group setup

    Hi, I’m looking at converting a custom enclosure made for a panther chameleon into an enclosure for some of the New Caledonian geckos. I don’t have any experience with housing multiple animals but the enclosure is huge and I want to make sure I’m doing it right. It’s interior enclosure space is...
  3. S

    How to safely catch a Tokay?

    Hello everyone! First of all, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this - I'm aware that this forum mostly consists of people who own a gecko as a pet. I just thought I might get some useful ideas here, I hope that's okay. I live in Thailand and my house is basically surrounded by...
  4. spookychief

    Older tokay not eating

    Hi guys/gals, my family and I are new to the world of geckos and we inherited a 15-year-old Tokay Gecko from my mother in law who could no longer care for the animal. I am a python guy generally, but this little gecko is just super awesome and has tons of personality. The issue is he has just...
  5. I

    Worried for Tokay Gecko

    I got a few Tokays the other day from some guy who was giving them away. All the Tokays look healthy except this one shes very skinny her spine is very visible. Shes very chill and is the only one who doesn't mind being handled im hoping she isnt sick. Can someone give me some advice on what to...
  6. A

    Gravid female Tokay Gecko help.

    Hey i have a male and female Tokay gecko, they have lived together for well over a year maybe even 2 years now! And she has laid eggs 3 times in the past but sadly she ate the eggs! I saw them mating maybe about 2 - 3weeks ago and she is looking very plump! Ive noticed though that the last 5...
  7. E

    Rescued Tokay Assorted Questions

    I recently rescued a Tokay gecko aprx. 3 y/o, about 14 cm snout to vent. I believe he was being kept in subpar conditions, but my information is limited. At three should he be fully grown? He seems a smidge on the small side, but again, not knowing what care he's received he could be a bit...
  8. I

    Where to find cb tokay geckos?

    Hi everyone like the title says i'm looking for some nice quality cb tokays and how common are they? I havent found much on fauna or king snake. thank!
  9. C


    Greetings, Just wanted to introduce myself--I've been herping and keeping reptiles since I was in 3rd grade (I'm now married with a baby), and the passion lives on. I'm originally from Minnesota, and now Northern California. The company I work for sent me to Ireland for a couple months...
  10. touch 13

    My Gecko's and their weights, too fat?/ too skinny?

    As of Feb 2 2011 Female tokay gecko(gekko gecko) - 52Grams Female malayasian golden gecko (Gekko ulikovskii) - 32.7Grams Male Fat tail gecko (Hemitheconyx caudicinctus) - 41Grams Male Pictus gecko (Paroedura pictus) -8.8Grams In the past month i've purchased two new Geckos, weigh in's...
  11. touch 13

    New Breeder! need some info

    i've been handling and have kept gecko's for 3 years now. I would like to start breeding as a hobby. Maybe down the road i can make a little bit of an income, but for now i just love to collect. The geckos i own are: Female tokay gecko(gekko gecko) - 52Grams Female malayasian golden gecko...