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    viv for 2 gold dust day gecko

    hello, I am looking to set up a bio viv for two gold dust day geckos in the near future. I was wondering is the 18"x18"x24" would be suitable for two of them? Or would I need to get something bigger? oh, I am looking to get two females at first and then possibly introduce a male later. any...
  2. Z

    Bio Viv

    Hey I hope this is the right section. I've had a bioactive viv set up for a crestie for about 3 weeks now, with the aim of having everything regulated and good to go by this time. I've been told that cresties need 80-90% humidity at night, and 50% in the day. I've been having real issues with...
  3. L

    New to Cresteds

    While I am new to Crested keeping, I am not new to herps in general. I am looking to get some basic setup recommendations. Mainly, I have the viv, I just need live plant recommendations for planting the tank. And recommended heat/light setups. Also, if someone has a easy DIY plans for a mister...
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    A new viv for my Mediterranean House Gecko.

    So, I've just upgraded the viv for Hendricks, my H. Turcicus. I found him backstage in the theatre I worked at back in late September 2013. For the past 6-7 months I've had him living in a 1.25 gallon tank. Small, yes, but so was he. Now he's grown a bit, an upgrade has been overdue. Here...