1. Oliver

    Mack Snow (Male)

    Without any hets or het Bell. Ideally I would like a male that is of a quality that can be bred. Can be adult or young, though if young I'd like to see photos of the parents. I would GREATLY appreciate and like to ask for (if possible) information about the gecko's parents and their...
  2. K


    Hello everyone! My name is Edward I'm from Vallejo, Ca. I bought my first leopard gecko from a reptile store in February, a Tangerine female, and am looking to start breeding next year or two. Just wanted to introduce myself and make contacts as well as read through all of the posts here. Any...
  3. The Bearded Derek

    Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus)

    Lately I've been trying to look for a Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus Crocodiluris) hatchling for sale, but I haven't been able to find one and I've been wondering if there's someone here, or someone that knows of a breeder that sells them. I'm interested in buying a hatchling of about 4-7...
  4. A

    UVB lamp (nc)

    my anole kiwi is not quite getting enough UV rays from just the window even through her plants are (I chose plants that could survive with low UV) and I'm a bit worried about her dull brown colour :/ her tank is warm (its spring in NC and its HOT!) and I mist her daily and don't handle her...
  5. A

    male green anole (In NC )

    I would like a small adult male green anole to breed with my female kiwi :3 I have the tank and setup so they can see eachother but can't attack eachother through the glass :D let me know if you have one (must be under 15$) now I shall VANISH!! :vanish:
  6. doc

    Looking for W&Y White and Yellow OR SHTCT Male Leopard Gecko

    Looking for a W&Y Male for breeding. Preferably full grown, no albino hets unless it's bell. Health is a priority, of course, and a good temperament. contact me through PM please! thank you! :main_laugh:
  7. P


    I am looking for 1 MALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO and 1 FEMALE MACK SNOW BELL ALBINO. Will PAY. Please reply if you have any Mack Snow Bell Albinos OR know if someone has them. :) THANK You. :D
  8. S

    Viper Geckos

    Wanted: I am an experienced Viper Gecko owner. I'm looking to retain all types, males, females, and unsexed. Right now I'm in NEED of a male. Please contact me: [email protected] or Link A Dink Reptiles on facebook.
  9. L


    Hello! I am looking for an adult leopard gecko for a pet. I am a small reptile collector. I have had many reptiles in my life time. I currently have a Red Tail Boa and an Asian Water Monitor. I want to add a leopard gecko to my pet collection. It's preferable that this gecko is a female but not...
  10. K

    WANTED-LG (any morph) in SG

    Currently my budget goes around $30-$130, so if anyone can hook me up with a reptile that'll be great!
  11. V

    BABY Mack snow leopard gecko

    I know it's hard to get very young geckos at this time of the year, but someone very close to me wants a leopard gecko and they want a baby mack snow. I am willing to meet to pick this baby up or pay shipping. If you have a baby available please pm me with the price you are asking for and a...
  12. T

    Wanted female crested geckos

    I am looking for females crested geckos that are RTB or will soon be RTB. Specifically Dalmatian or red dalmatian, BUT i would like any other morph as well You can email me at [email protected] if you have any offers :main_thumbsup: thankss!!
  13. V

    Male Tremper Sunglow, Breeding Size

    Found a gecko Thanks you! Ben Howard Fire n' Ice Geckos
  14. L

    want adult female leopard geckos under 125 shipped individual or group

    hi, my names jr im looking for a female leopard gecko thats an adult and is ready to breed or soon ready to breed, i am open to anything but normals, i am looking to spend 150 shipped , if you have a group of females for under 150 shipped also let me know.please send pics, weight and discription...
  15. T

    Female Uroplatus fimbriatus

    Hello, I am looking for a single, LTC/CB female U. fimbriatus. Please contact me with information on any available animals. Thank you!
  16. meaghani

    Anyone in the BC area?

    I really want to purchase another leopard gecko. I'm not even picky about morph, I just know I want something besides another normal. Unfortunately, I can't really afford shipping as well as another gecko that will require its own setup, food, etc. Therefore, are there any BC, Canadian...
  17. F

    Leopard Geckos Wanted

    I am looking for females to mate with my Male Bell albino het Radar. Please email me with offer.