A little help please


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Hi, I've had my first leopard gecko for almost 7 months now, and since I got him he's been eating crickets but lately he doesn't seem very interested in them. Nothing that could stress him out has happened, he just looks like he's bored of the crickets. So I went to the pet store and bought some meal worms for him. He was interested in them, kinda licked one but didn't eat any. I tried feeding them to him with tongs and from a little cup (I don't think he really understood the meaning of the cup though haha). Should I keep trying to feed him crickets again or more meal worms or should I buy some other type of insect? Thanks for the help in advance if anyone ever sees this lol (also I'm new here and may or may not have posted this in the wrong place :p)


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Variety is definitely good, so you should feed him as many different types of feeders as you can try, but reptiles don't need to eat constantly like humans and other mammals after they reach adulthood. Don't get too upset if he goes off food for periods of time.

If they are sick, they will drop a lot of weight or act weak and not be able to move properly. Just not eating isn't really an oddity.