AFT Care question?


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I picked up an AFT at the reptile show yesterday and had a couple of questions. The main one being will they eat lobster roaches? I will get crickets if necessary but despise them with a fiery passion. Most of the things I have read on here and on care sheets say crickets and that they are picky eaters. Also his/her, not sure the sex yet, tank is 90 on the hot side and room temp on the cool. I did put a small dish of mealies in there but I know they need to settle in before they eat. I have not taken any measurements or gotten the weight cause I wanted to let it settle in first. I am wondering if he/she is too skinny. Should the tail be fatter. How long should I let him/her settle in before giving it some crickets or roaches to try?


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Most AFT's won't eat worms. I only feed crickets, but I've heard that AFT's will eat roaches and that wouldn't surprise me. I don't thing there's anything wrong with offering food the first day; some of them will eat right away. I find that most of my AFT's do not have tails as fat as my leos. This one looks fine to me and will most likely get a bigger tail with good care.



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Ahhh yes, they can be picky eaters. Mine pretty much refuse to eat anything but crickets. I have tried Dubia Roaches, worms (of all varieties) with no luck. Your temps sound fine, as long as they can thermoregulate their temps by going where its comfortable for them. Be sure to offer a moist hide for them, typically in the warmer end. As you feed her/him that tail will fatten up quite nicely.