AFT owner with 2 leopard babies in AR

K Kingston

New Member
Arkansas, US

I Krystal here in Arkansas, US. I have 3 African Fat Tailed geckos that are doing very well. I got them from an online breeder and I received them as of breeding age and weight so they are approximately 10 months old now. I'm not planning to breed them but that is how the online breeder classified them. I recently got 2 leopard geckos that I got at +++++ (I know :(). They are tiny babies, too tiny to be sold in my opinion, but I had noticed them there about a week before I got my 2 and took pictures because there were like 15 crammed into the tank and it was so sad. Then the next week they had the $1 a gallon sale so I went in for that and they had these babies for 50% off making them only $15. A lot of people were getting them and I could tell by listening in they weren't taking it seriously because they were so cheap. I ended up feeling sorry for the babies and picked out some of the smaller ones and took 2. So now I have these leopard geckos. They are doing surprisingly well. I have only had them for about 5 days.


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Somerville, MA
Welcome to GF! I have a lot of leopard geckos and 6 fat tails with 3 eggs in the incubator so far. I hope you enjoy the leopards as well as the AFT's. Some of these babies may not make it because, as you said, they're so small. I hope they all do well for you.


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