Am I stressing out my Leopard Gecko too much?


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First time reptile/pet owner and a little flustered. There was an exotic pet show in town this weekend and they had this beautiful Albino Leopard Gecko as the seller called it a Blizzard Lizard. Day 1: First day brought him home he slept most the day got little more active at towards night time 7Pm-11pm when I went to bed, but did not eat anything. Day 2: Slept all day again and was a bit more active at night around the same time again but still did not eat. Day 3: Which is tomorrow I am temporary moving apartments and i'm worried about putting too much stress on my gecko since he still has not eaten.

About my tank...
10 gallon tank ( I am getting a 20 soon) lined with ceramic tiles fill with eco earth as fillers between the tiles and some around the tank. Two hides, one a full enclosed cave on the cooler side of the tank, and one a double sided open cave with basking area on top under light/heat source. I have a combo light/heat source hanging about one side of the tank. One bulb is a Daylight Blue Reptile bulb 60 watt that I try to keep on 12 hours and the other is a Heat Glo Infrared Heat Lamp to use during the other 12 hours. The thermometer reads around 88* F and hygrometer 20-30, it is placed on the side under the heat/light source so I hope the cave side is cool enough for him. Please give me any advice you have, I did do research before picking up but I am just a little flustered in hoping i'm not neglecting him.