Ant invasion


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So I have had a nicely planted vivarium for several years now along with a crestie. This is the 4th summer actually. As luck would have it, ants have been a royal pain in the behind this year. The little critters are everywhere.

I was watering the plants today and feeding my gecko (Spike) and noticed an ant. Then another, then 10 more, then 20 more. These are the tiny little ants. We call them pinhead ants around here. Anyway, it looks like my tank has a nice little ant farm growing down in the depths of the soil. I took my crestie out and relocated him for the time being.

Has anybody ever had this happen? Any ideas on how I can get rid of them, short of tearing apart the entire setup? I don't dare use any chemicals or poisons obviously. Tearing the tank down is gonna be a nightmare though :(

Stupid little bugs anyway, :main_angry::main_angry:.


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Someone in another forum (about another topic) was talking about "CO2 bombing" an enclosure to get rid of the bugs. I have no idea what this entails or if it will get rid of the ants, but it's worth investigating. I tend to have trouble with much larger carpenter ants in my cricket enclosures. Usually what keeps them out is putting some spray oil at the top so they can't get a purchase to climb in.